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(100%) 1st year english guess paper 2022 All Punjab Board pdf

Board of Intermediate and secondary education 11th class students who are preparing for the examination the English guess paper of 11th class 100% as per their stream to get more better preparation for the examination to increase the chances of obtaining good marks in the examination. For helping in students preparations of the examinations we have given the 1st year English Guess paper 2022 for all punjab board. So must read the article carefully and download the guess paper 2022 1st year english below.

1st year English Guess Papers 2022 exam 11th Class

Translations Guess:

Chapter# 1 Button Button
Chapter# 3 Brown they were golden eyes
Chapter# 5 The Piece of string
Chapter no 12 The gift of magi
Chapter# 13 God be praised
Chapter# 14, Overcoat

Short Question:

  • Chapter#4 Questions: 2,3,5,7
  • Chapter# 6 Questions: 2,5,7
  • Chapter# 7 Questions: 1,2,5,7
  • Chapter# 9 Questions: 2,4,6
  • Chapter# 12 Questions:- 1,2,5,10

Poems Guess:

The rain
Night mail
In the street of fruit stalls
A Sindhi woman
Times, the feed
A tale of two cities


plays: 1,2


Important letters are 4, 6, 9, 13, 14. Please prepare these letters

Important Applications:

Refund of library/hostel security
Full fee concession
Character certificate
Remission of fine
For re-admission

Important Punctuation paragraphs

All exercise punctuation paragraphs

Important Stories:

Pride hath a fall, Union is strength, Greed is a curse, Do good have good, As you sow so shall you reap, honesty is the best policy, No pain no gain

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11th Class English pairing scheme

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