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11th Class English Pairing Scheme 2022 (1st year) All Punjab Boards

The 11th Class pairing scheme English offered by Punjab Boards is the same as that of other boards under the Punjab Board. This includes Lahore Board, Multan Board, Bahawalpur Board, Faisalabad, D.G. Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board and Sahiwal.

1st year (11th class) English Paper scheme & paper pattern 2022

MCQs 20:

BOOK I 5 synonyms + 3 MCQs = 8
Book III (Plays) 3 Synonyms + 2 MCQs = 5
Book III (Poems) 2 Synonyms =2
Choose the Correct for of Verb 5 MCQs = 5

Subjective Part:

Question No. Item Details Marks
Q.2 Book I 9 Short Questions (attempt any 6) 6×2 = 12
Q.3 Book III (Plays) 8 short questions (Attempt any 5) 5×2 = 10
Q.4 Book III (Poems) 6 Short Questions (Attempt any 4) 4×2 = 8
Q.5 Letter/Application There is a choice between letter and application 10
Q.6 Story Write a story on ANY ONE of the given 2 topics 10
Q.7 (A) Explanation of stanza Explain the given stanza with reference to the context 5
Q.7 (B) Punctuation Punctuate a small paragraph taken from Book I 5
Q.7 (C) Pairs of Words Use ANY FIVE of the given 7 pairs of words in your sentences 5
Q.8 Translation Translate English paragraph taken from book I into Urdu 15

Note: English medium candidate will write an essay on the given topic instead of translation in Q.No.8

11th class English Guess Paper

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