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13 Best Electric Dirt Bikes For Adults You Can Buy!

Electric dirt bikes for adults are all the rage right now and for good reason. Unlike their gas-powered counterparts, they are eco-friendly as they have no emissions, are lower maintenance bikes and are reasonably quiet.
Whether you are looking for a bit of adventure negotiating off-road terrain or simply want to cut down on your daily commute, we have the perfect electric dirt bike for you. Choosing the best electric dirt bike can be an uphill task if you are not sure what to look for. To simplify the process, we have compiled the ultimate list of the best electric dirt bikes and their most prominent features.
Best Electric Dirt Bike Machines For Adults:
Take a look and discover some of the coolest electric dirt bikes ever!
#1 Sur-Ron Electric Dirt Bike 

Sur-Ron and Luna have come together to produce one of the most exciting electric dirt bikes for adults. This is the ultimate choice for both newbies and experienced riders thanks to its innovative design.
It offers two modes of operation, sport, and standard, both of which are quite easy to handle. It comes with a removable 60v battery which is easy to mount on the wall socket. And it takes about three hours to charge to full capacity.

The top speed for this bike is 45mph and it has no transmission or clutch, just a single speed. The best part about it is that it weighs only 110lbs thanks to a high-quality lightweight aluminum frame which ensures optimal performance.

The bike is easily customizable with upgrade options for the battery and pedal system. It also features a killer suspension system that offers versatility for all manner of terrain with no compromise on performance. Find it Here.
#2 Vector Vortex Off-Road Electric Dirt Bike 

If you are looking for an electric dirt bike for off-road riding in tough conditions, the Vector Vortex is the ideal choice.
What makes it particularly suitable for mountainous terrain is its innovative gear system. This system offers lots of torque making it easy to climb and accelerate on hilly terrain.

Another highlight of the design is a direct connection between the rear wheel and the motor. This makes it possible for the bike to react responsively to instantaneous commands like sudden braking because it has constant chain tension.
In addition to this, it has a high-tech braking system with double calipers. An additional four-piston hydraulic brake system comes in handy when there is insufficient traction between the tires and the road surface.

Re-charge times for the Vector e-bike’s battery take only 60 minutes from standard outlets. The high-quality battery is designed to last between three and four years as it can handle up to 600 hours of charging in its lifetime.
#3 Razor Dirt Rocket MX650 Electric Dirt Bike For Adults 

The Dirt Rocket MX650 by Razor is one of the best electric dirt bikes of all time. It sports a relatively scaled-down design that can easily accommodate both the big guys and even younger riders.
It goes at a maximum speed of 17mph and has a battery life of about 40 minutes when in continuous use.

Steel construction makes this a hardy bike that can withstand exposure to tough conditions. It also sports a dual suspension system and double crown fork to ensure convenience when navigating rough surfaces.
In addition to this, it has a twist grip for acceleration control and dual disc brakes to make it easy to stop. Adjustable riser handlebars add to the convenience by ensuring a custom fit.

The Dirt Rocket’s styling derives inspiration from Supercross designs making it beauty on wheels. It is indeed the whole package when it comes to satisfying the desire for a thrill. Find it Here.
#4 Cake Electric Dirt Bike 

The Kalk electric dirt bikes from Cake are designed for optimal off-road performance. This bike gets power from a 50-Ah battery with 1.8 volts and a 15 kW mid-motor. It can move at a top speed of 50mph and on a full charge, can go for a maximum of 50 miles.

Its combination of innovation and performance makes it just as great on snow as it is on dirt roads. Almost every component of its construction was built from the ground up so as to offer matchless quality and durability.
The bike which weighs a mere 115lbs features a blend of aluminum carbon fiber, resulting in a lightweight yet compact construction that should stand the test of time.

One of the most prominent features in its construction is simplicity, evident in both the operational aspects as well as its maintenance. It has a single pivot direct drive, which cuts down significantly on the number of moving parts so as to allow for low weight. More Info Here.
#5 Adults Razor Dirt Rocket MX500 Electric Dirt Bike 

This is one of the most powerful dirt bikes for adults who love a good off-road riding adventure. Its high torque of about 500w and a maximum speed of 17 mph is a perfect combo for the ultimate experience.
The unit features a dual suspension system offering a smooth off-road session as well as sturdy support.

It also sports pneumatic knobby tires for remarkable traction as well as rear disc brakes to guarantee efficiency when it comes to controlling. These tires also maximize power transfer, enhancing performance.
With this bike, you get to enjoy the convenience of adjusting the handlebars to best match your style and height. It weighs 112 pounds and is a very quiet bike. On a full charge, the 36v lead acid battery offers 45 minutes of non-stop performance.

Apart from being easy to assemble, it is also an easy bike to ride. It has a twist grip throttle for variable speed and a fast-braking system to ensure safety. Find it Here.
#6 Zero FX Electric Dirt Bike 

The Zero FX electric dirt bike for adults can handle almost anything that you throw on its path. It sports a 75-5 motor that produces up to 78 lb-ft of torque giving it supreme power for every terrain.
In spite of this, it has a surprisingly quiet mode that offers the ultimate rhythm for uninterrupted adventure. It cuts down on every form of energy consumption including braking, with a regenerative system that returns power to the battery for range extension.

This is a highly customizable ride thanks to the Eco and Sport mode settings that match its performance to the terrain. You could also get the Zero Motorcycles app for mobile devices for full customization and logging of detailed ride statistics.

Charge the bike on a standard home outlet and enjoy the convenience of an optional fast charging feature for 60-minute full recharges. With this feature in place, you can get up to 84 miles of city range riding. Find it Here.
#7 This Solar-Powerd Off-Road Scooter 

For those who wish to go totally green, this solar-powered scooter is the best choice. This is one of the few electric dirt bikes with off-road capabilities while still being street legal.
It is a nifty little innovation with a top speed of 24mph. when its battery is completely full it can deliver up to 37 miles. The best part about it is that in the right weather, the battery recharges as you go about your adventure.

Exposure to light for about eight hours will give you an extra 10 km while charging the battery using electric power takes between four and six hours.
In order to keep you abreast of performance and other indicators, the bike features a full-size tablet with a speedometer and other necessary gauges.

In addition to the solar charging system, it also sports a removable battery pack for backup. This comes in handy not just for powering the bike but also for charging USB devices when out camping. More Info Here.
#8 UBCO 2×2 Dual-Sport Electric Bike 

If you are looking for an electric dirt bike for virtually all-terrain, the UBCO 2×2 is the one for you. it has what it takes to navigate on and off-road, asphalt, water, gravel, grass, name it.

It has innovative features to allow for direct communication between man and machine through an integrated Engine Control Unit and device app. This gives the rider full control and the opportunity for a custom riding experience.

Its battery system powers both the bike and your portable devices thanks to its two USB ports. On a full charge, this battery delivers up to 74 miles at a top speed of 30mph. It takes between six and eight hours to get it to full charge capacity.

This bike is super quiet, a feature that comes in handy for hunting enthusiasts. It makes it possible to sneak up on prey and also enhances its safety as you can easily keep track of events around you while on the move. More Info Here.
#9 Zero MX Motocross Electric Dirt Bike 

The Zero MX is ready to take on any kind of trail, track or path in ultimate silence and amazing power. It is one of the most revolutionary electric dirt bikes for adults thanks to its innovative design.
It sports a fine-tuned yet fully adjustable suspension system, enabling it to match every terrain perfectly, offering the rider an edge. It combines ultra-light construction and state-of-the-art technology for optimal agility and speed.

The bike’s modular power pack makes it possible to operate on one or both slots according to your convenience. And in order to cut down on weight, the charger is a standalone device that you do not have to carry around with you.

Zero MX offers instant acceleration capabilities and can reach a top speed of 85mph. Its air-cooled motor system is easy to maintain and offers a seamless riding experience. It has a regenerative power system that channels power back to the motor to extend the ride time. Find it Here.
#10 Kuberg Free Rider Electric Dirt Bike 

This is one of the best electric dirt bikes for adults when it comes to versatility and flexibility. It is so easy to handle that anyone in the family, whether young or old, experienced or novice, can easily handle.

It sports a rugged, lightweight construction thanks to its use of high quality and innovative material choices. It weighs 376lbs and can move at a top speed of 34mph. Its battery can last up to one hour on full charge when riding at the top speed and carrying a rider weighing 165lbs.
Charging on a standard outlet will see the battery fill up in about two and a half hours. But you could go for an optional quick charger.

It has a great dual suspension system that will give you lots of support for jumps and when riding on rough terrain. It also has hardened brake pads on both the front and rear that allow for instant stops while also ensuring a long performance life. More Info Here.
#11 Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike 

The Apollo DB-X18 is the perfect size dirt bike for adults. It has a sturdy heavy-duty steel frame that allows for use even by persons with a robust build up to a maximum of 180lbs. its seat height is also convenient, allowing for persons of varying heights to ride comfortably.

This hardy bike offers a top speed of 55mph on a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. It has a manual transmission system and suspension on both the front and rear tires.
The bike comes in vibrant colors with four options to choose from: blue, yellow, red, and green. Both the front and rear brake systems use hydraulic discs. The most convenient aspect of this braking system is that you can control it using both feet and hands.

The design sports inverted front forks to enhance on the overall safety of the dirt bike. It offers a comfortable ride and is a low-maintenance choice. Find it Here.
#12 KTM Delta Electric MotorCycle

The KTM Delta is an electric dirt bike for adults with a unique approach. It is a single-speed bike that lays emphasis on exploring the outdoors without needless distractions. To this end, it has no user interface to distract the rider, allowing for full focus on the adventure aspect.

Instead of using aluminum or steel for its construction, KTM Delta makes use of monocoque carbon fiber. This material choice optimizes its performance as it is a remarkably low-weight construction.
When it comes to appearance, few electric dirt bikes for adults can compare. It has fluid transitions avoiding unnecessary edges. The frame and the seat are braced together creating a unique trendy look and offering extra stability for the rider.

This design also offers flexibility when it comes to tricks as there are no exposed parts that can result in snagging.
This model is built for adventure and every aspect of its design attests to this fact. Find it Here.
#13 LMX 161-H Road Legal Freeride MX Dirt Bike 

The LMX 161-H is a brilliant hybrid between the electric bicycle and the dirt bike. This model features a design that mainly suits off-road riding. It has an advanced suspension system on both front and rear tires as well as a dual braking system.

The tires combine motorcycle and mountain bike parts to produce the ultimate hybrid in performance. The bike seamlessly alternates between two riding modes, Eco and Boost. Its combination of features gives it what it requires to go up steep inclines of up to 45 degrees.
Its battery system goes from zero to full capacity in about three hours and could cover approximately 40 miles or two hours on Eco mode. A noteworthy aspect concerning this battery is that you can hot-swap it and continue on your way.

Amazingly, this bike only weighs slightly less than 100 pounds, a remarkable feat of engineering genius. It is road legal and ready to get you on your way to adventure. Find it Here.
We hope you enjoyed our list of the best electric dirt bikes for adults in the market and that you are that much closer to making your choice. Have fun exploring trails over the weekend or cutting through traffic on your way to work with one of these cool electric dirt bikes.

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