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15th November 1500 Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check Karachi Draw # 92 Result

15th November 1500 List of Prize Bonds 2022 Online Check Karachi Draw #92 The result is shared on this preparation point page: Ballot for lucky draw #92 of Rs. The 1500 Prize Bond was held in Karachi on 15th November 2022. You can also check the complete list of denominations for Rs. 1500 prize guarantee from the first draw to the last draw on the official website or online PreparationPoint.info.

You can also check the results of Bond List 1500 on 15th November 2022 as per the schedule provided by National Bank of Pakistan. The state banks are voting on Rs 1,500. Prize Bonds November. First prize 1500 rupees. A prize bond of 3,000,000 PRK is awarded to one lucky winner and a second prize of 1,500 prize bonds of Rs. 1,000,000 will be awarded to 3 lucky winners. The last and third prize for the 15th November 1500 check for the List of Prize Bonds 2022 online is given out to 1696 winners for the amount Rs. 18500/- each.

November 15 1500 List of Prize Bonds 2022 Online Check Karachi Draw Result No. 92
15 November 1500 List of Prize Bonds 2022 Online

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15 November 1500 List of Prize Bonds 2022 Online

Bond Worth city Date First prize second prize Third prize
1500 Pakistani Rupees Karachi 11-15-2022 3,000,000 Pakistani Rupees 1,000,000 Pakistani Rupees 18500 Pakistani rupees
Bond prize as a result of 1500 all draws 2022

According to the National Savings representative, the first prize of the 92nd Prize Draw Bond Results List is rupee. 3,000,000 any given only to One lucky winner. The second prize is Rs. 1500 Bond prizes have value rupee. 1,000,000 that awarded to 3 lucky winners each. The third prize for the Bond Rs 1500 prize amount is rupee. 18500. This amount awarded to 1,696 participants per winner for Rs. 18500.

The Fifteen Hundred Prize Bond is a good value prize voucher containing a good number of prizes. The list of bonds with an award of 1,500 Pakistani rupees for the month of November 2022 is updated here. You can download Prize Bond Rs. 1500 Drawing #92 Result of the full list 15 November 2022 held in Karachi, Pakistan.

Online Check in Karachi Draw #92 Result

Each draws Rs. 1500 are listed here. The first and second digits of Rs. 1500 Drawing #92 is on this page. You can also use our search feature to instantly search for your prize bond number in one or more November 15 1500 Prize Bond List 2022 Online Check. We also have a Power Search feature where you can search for multiple random prize bond numbers or you can even enter the first and last number of the series if you have one.

Bond Prize Rs. 1500 Lucky Draw List Coming Soon Tuesday 15 November 2022 AM 09:00 AM

Several years ago, people would have saved money in the fund or people had saved money underground. But with the passage of time, people have found many ways and methods to save and protect their money in order to live their future life alive and happily. And if there is a lot of money and willingness to bear and bear the expenses of the confrontation, we will not face in November and repent and regret any difficulties and troubles in the future life.

Prize Bond is the best and rare way to save more money, the easiest way to get anything else or buy anything from the markets as you like or want. There are many types of award bonds in the name market, including rupee. 100/-, Rs. 200/-, Rs. 750/-, Rs. 1500/-, Rs. 7500/-, Rs. 15,000/-, Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 40 thousand premium bonds, etc.

rupee. 1500 Prize Bond Draw List November 15, 2022

You can download the National Prize Bond 15 November 1500 List of Prize Bonds 2022 online as a result of checking past and upcoming days on this page. All national savings are Rs. 1500 prizes for the list of prize bonds as a result of previous draws. Look for every Rs. 1500 (PR ڈ ) List of prize bonds as a result of previous draws of National Savings of Pakistan is on this page.

Check out 1500 Bond Prize List Karachi Draw No. 92 Result Details. You can see below that in the fiscal year, there are four single draws for the 15 November 1500 Prize Bond List for the 2022 Online List each three months later. You can participate in this game at any time by purchasing some of them national savings 1500 bond fee before withdrawal dates.


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