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(17th July Live) Punjab PP By-Election Results 2022

Are you searching for Punjab PP By-Election Results 2022? ECP Punjab Election 2022 Result Live updates for Bye Elections in 20 Constituencies in Punjab on 17th July 2022 are available here. Polling wise party position and Vote Bank official and unofficial can be viewed from time to time. Read the latest news and live updates on Punjab assembly Party, Won, Leading, and Total. Check election result 2018 Punjab assembly Pakistan

Punjab PP By-Election Results 2022
Punjab PP By-Election Results
On July 17, the PML-N and PTI will compete in make-or-break by-elections in 20 Punjab seats after the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) removed (de-seated) 25 PTI MPAs for supporting Hamza Shahbaz in the election for chief minister of Punjab.
Punjab By-Election Results 2022 Live Updates
To elect the 20 members of the 17th Provincial Assembly of the Punjab PP By-Election Results, a provincial by-election is set on July 17, 2022, in Punjab, Pakistan. These seats became vacant after its members were removed from office by the Pakistani Election Commission for voting for Hamza Shahbaz Sharif to become chief minister.
Election Results Punjab 2022 date
These elections are crucial because they will decide which coalition will win the majority needed to form a government in the Assembly and, as a result, who will hold the position of Chief Minister.
By Election in Punjab 2022 candidates list
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Pakistan Muslim League each won 159 and 164 seats respectively during the 2018 Provincial Elections. Later then, 25 of the 30 Independents joined PTI, although it still lacked the majority of 186 MPs by 2 seats. With 10 seats, the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) joined forces with the PTI. PTI was successful in forming the Punjabi government.
PTI Vs PMLNName of PTI CandidatesName of PMLN CandidatesPP-158 (Lahore)Mian Akram UsmanRana Ahsan SharafatPP-167 (Lahore)Chaudhry Shabbir Gujar PTINazir Chohan.PP-168 (Lahore)Malik Nawaz Awan Malik Asad Khokhar.PP-170 (Lahore)PTI’s Zaheer Abbas KhokharPML-N’s Chaudhry Amin GujjarPP-125 (Jhang)Mian Muhammad Azam Faisal HayatPP-127 (Jhang)Mahar Nawaz Bharwana Mahar Aslam BharwanaPP-07 (Rawalpindi)Colonel (retd) Muhammad Shabbir Raja Sagheer Ahmed.PP-83 (Khushab)Malik Hassan Aslam AwanAmeer Haider.PP-140 (Sheikhupura)Khurram Shahzad AdvocatePML-N’s Khalid Arain.PP-224 (Lodhran)Amir Iqbal Shah Zawar Hussain WaraichPP-228 (Lodhran)Izzat Javed KhanNazeer Ahmed KhanPP-288 (Dera Ghazi Khan)Sardar Saifuddin KhosaAbdul Qadir Khan KhosaPP-217 (Multan)The son of Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Zain QureshiSalman Naeem.PP-97 (Chak Jhumra)PTI’s Ali Afzal SahiAjmal CheemaPP-202 (Sahiwal)Major (retd) Ghulam Sarwar Nauman LangrialPP-90 (Bhakkar)Irafn Ullah Khan NizaiSaeed Akbar Nawani.PP-237 (Bahawalnagar)Syed Aftab RazaMian Fida HussainPP-273 (Muzaffargarh)Yasir Arafat Jatoi Muhammad Sibtain RazaPP-282 (Layyah)PTI’s Qaiser AbbasMuhammad Tahir Randhawa
Punjab PP By-Election Results
Another motion of no confidence was filed against Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, as well as against Pervaiz Ilahi and Dost Muhammad Mazari, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Provincial Assembly, respectively, during a political crisis in Pakistan following the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan. Before the motion of no confidence could be put to a vote, Buzdar resigned.
By-Election Result 2022 Updates
On April 16, a vote to choose a new chief minister was set between Chaudhry Pervaiz Ilahi of the PTI and the PML-Q and Hamza Shahbaz of the PML-N and PDM parties. In violation of party policy, 25 Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf lawmakers crossed the floor to back Shahbaz. On April 16, a brawl broke out between PTI and PML-N supporters right at the start of the Assembly session. The Deputy Speaker was also slapped by PTI MPAs when they hurled ewers at him. For the first time in its history, the police invaded the Assembly and detained three MPAs.
PP-158 Lahore Election Result 2022Click HerePP-167 Lahore Election Result 2022Click HerePP-168 Lahore Election Result 2022Click HerePP-170 Lahore Election Result 2022Click HerePP-125 Jhang Election Result 2022Click HerePP-127 Jhang) Election Result 2022Click HerePP-07 Rawalpindi Election Result 2022Click HerePP-83 Khushab Election Result 2022Click HerePP-140 Sheikhupura Election Result 2022Click HerePP-224 Lodhran Election Result 2022Click HerePP-228 Lodhran Election Result 2022Click HerePP-288 Dera Ghazi Khan Election Result 2022Click HerePP-217 Multan) Election Result 2022Click HerePP-97 Chak Jhumra Election Result 2022Click HerePP-202 Sahiwal Election Result 2022Click HerePP-90 Bhakkar Election Result 2022Click HerePP-237 Bahawalnagar Election Result 2022Click HerePP-273 Muzaffargarh Election Result 2022Click HerePP-282 Layyah Election Result 2022Click HerePunjab PP By-Election Results
Punjab Local Government Election 2022
The Assembly session was then presided over by the Deputy Speaker, who announced Shahbaz as the winner after he received 197 votes.
How many seats PTI have in Punjab Assembly?
Following the floor crossing, the Election Commission of Pakistan deseated 25 dissident PTI MPAs on May 20, 2022, for desertion in accordance with Article 63-A of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan Constitution.
Three of these seats were designated for women, while two were designated for minorities. On July 7, new PTI MPAs were informed of these seats.
Sr#SeatsPPPPML-NPTIjamaat e islamiTehreek-e-Labbaik 1PP-158 (Lahore)2PP-167 (Lahore)3PP-168 (Lahore)4PP-170 (Lahore)5PP-125 (Jhang)6PP-127 (Jhang)7PP-07 (Rawalpindi)8PP-83 Khushab9PP-140 Sheikhupura10PP-224 Lodhran11PP-228 Lodhran12PP-288 Dera Ghazi Khan13PP-217 Multan14PP-97 Chak Jhumra15PP-202 Sahiwal16PP-90 Bhakkar17PP-237 Bahawalnagar18PP-273 Muzaffargarh19PP-282 Layya20PP 272 Muzaffargarh2122Punjab PP By-Election Results
On May 25, 2022, the Pakistani Election Commission declared that the by-elections will take place on July 17, 2022. 177 seats in the legislature are now held by the government. This comprises 4 independent MPAs, 7 PPP MPAs, 1 PRHP MPA, and 165 PML(N) MPAs. As a result, they need the victory of 9 seats to take control of the assembly. The opposition, on the other hand, now possesses 173 seats. This consists of 10 PML(Q) MPAs and 163 PTI MPAs. As a result, they need the victory of 13 seats to take control of the parliament.
Election Result 2018 Punjab Assembly
In accordance with instructions from the Lahore High Court, the ECP has already notified five PTI MPAs for the reserved seats. Here is a list of the electoral districts and the PTI and PML-N candidates running in them.

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