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25 Christmas Gift for the Best Father | Unique and Thoughtful Ideas

The weather outside might be frightful, but these gifts are so delightful! Yes, to make your holiday shopping as easy as can be this year, we’ve scoured the net to bring you all the funniest, most special, and truly unique presents for fathers we could find. Whether you’re hoping to make your dad laugh with a funny stocking filler or to show him just how much you care with a personalized gift just for him, we have everything you need to make that happen right here!
Best Christmas Gift for Father
1.  Very Rare Soviet Vintage Watch

As it turns out, timekeeping can be an art form when you own a watch as handsome and expertly crafted as this one. Your dad, or the father figure in your life, is certain to feel touched when they receive such a special and rare piece of history to wear on their wrist. 
Shop the Rare Soviet Watch Here 
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2.  Docking Station

Whether your dad is someone who loves everything in its place or you’re looking for gifts to help him finally become organized, we highly recommend this chic-looking dark wood docking station. It has places for everything! His keys, watch, phone, glasses, wallet, and more. Not to mention, it’ll look seriously impressive on his nightstand.
Shop the Docking Station Here
3.  Belt Holder

Maybe your dad needs plenty of different belts for work and weekend outfits, or perhaps he just happens to have a particularly sizeable collection. Either way, this stylish wooden belt hanger is the perfect way for him to keep them organized and easily accessible when getting ready in the morning. Not to mention, it’ll save tons of room in his sock drawer!
Shop the Belt Holder Here
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4.  50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener

Talk about a conversation starter! These sleek bottle openers are crafted from genuine 50 cal bullets once fired by the US Army. They’ll make for a truly unique and memorable Christmas present and are perfect for any dad with a chic bar set up in their home. You can even have the opener personalized with your father’s name in the font of your choice. 
Shop the 50 Cal Bullet Bottle Opener Here
5.  Whiskey Stones
 For the father that loves to drink his favorite whiskey on the rocks, gift him these amazing bullet-shaped whiskey stones. Not only will they look incredibly cool inside his favorite glass, they’ll also keep it cooler than ice without diluting it at all. If all that’s not enough, they even come packaged in cool barrel-shaped packaging for a fun nod to the whiskey aging process!
Shop the Whiskey Stones Here
6.  Dad Tumbler
 If you ask us, the best Christmas gift for father is one that’s both practical and thoughtful, like this stainless steel coffee mug! It’s perfect for keeping his coffee hot on the go but also shows him just how much he means to you thanks to the thoughtful wording printed on the side in the shape of a cross. 
Shop the Dad Tumbler Here
7.  Engraved Spoon 
 Does your dad love ice cream more than any other desert in the world? We have the perfect gift! This funny, yet super practical, ice cream spoon will help him to chow down on his favorite sweet treat with ease. Also, since the words ’ Dad’s Ice Cream Shovel’ are engraved on the scoop, it’s sure to make him chuckle when he opens it up this Christmas!
Shop the Engraved Spoon Here
8.  Dad Pocket Watch 
 Whether you’re seeing him in person or looking for the ideal gift to send in the mail, this engraved dad pocket watch is guaranteed to let your father know just how much you love and appreciate him. Made from premium zinc alloy metal with a shiny black finish, the watch is beautifully made with precision quartz movement. It even comes presented in a special gift box, ideal for Christmas!
Shop the Dad Pocket Watch Here
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9.  Coffee Socks 
If your dad is always the first to fall asleep on the couch on December 25th (or any other day for that matter), we have the quintessential stocking filler! These slogan socks will have him and the rest of the family chuckling the moment he puts them on. Not to mention, when he does fall asleep, they’ll make for a great photo you can frame and gift to him on his birthday!
Shop the Coffee Socks Here
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10.  Funny Gadget 

For the safety-conscious father that also loves clever gadgets, we can think of no better gift than this working wall clock with a secret compartment in the back! After all, the inside of a clock is surely the last place a thief would ever think to check for valuables! Help your dad keep his most precious items under wraps with this super-cool Christmas gift. 
Shop the Funny Gadget Here
11.  Lambswool & Cashmere Scarf

It’s already pretty chilly out there and, come December, it’ll be freezing! Your dad will love that you thought about keeping him warm this winter when you present him with this incredibly soft lambswool and cashmere scarf by Barbour. It’s perfect for staying toasty outside, not to mention, it’s seriously chic!
Shop the Lambswool & Cashmere Scarf Here
12.  Engraved Luna Whiskey Decanter Set 

Show your father just how much he means to you this Christmas and gift him this personalized whiskey set made especially for him. It comes with a stylish decanter, a pair of whiskey glasses, and a beautiful wooden gift/display box. All of which all expertly etched with his name or the wording of your choice. You can even choose to include a set of two slate or leather coasters for an extra special touch. 
Shop the Engraved Luna Whiskey Decanter Set Here
13.  Self-Stirring Electronic Coffee Mug 
 Is your father constantly on the go but always with a coffee in hand? Then this gift was made for him. The self-stirring mug means making a delicious coffee will now take seconds! Quite a time saver if he likes to drink multiple cups a day. No need to stand and stir, he can simply add all of the ingredients into the cup, pour in some hot water, and let the mug do the rest. 
Shop the Self-Stirring Electronic Coffee Mug Here
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14.  Butter Sprayer
We all know the feeling, you’ve just made a tasty slice of warm toast, you go to butter it, and the butter is so cold it won’t spread and destroys your breakfast! Well, there’ll be no more of that for your dad. This handy sprayer melts butter in a matter of seconds so he can spray it onto bread, potatoes, or popcorn with zero fuss. Ideal for dads who love to cook but hate mess.
Shop the Butter Sprayer Here
15.  Special Christmas Gift From Awesomestuff

Sometimes, the best Christmas gift for father is a simple one you know he’ll love and gets tons of use out of! With that in mind, this sleek black coffee mug complete with a sweet Christmassy design will make the perfect stocking stuffer. He can even use it for his first coffee of the day on Christmas morning. Cheers to that!
Shop the Special Christmas Gift From Awesomestuff Here
16.  Foot Massager Machine
Every dad deserves to take a load off and relax at Christmas. Make sure he does so in style with this amazing shiatsu foot massager machine. It has multiple heat settings, a deep-kneading action, subtle vibration, rolling, and a built-in timer. He’ll also have control over the machine as he relaxes since it comes with a handy remote to change the settings throughout. 
Shop the Foot Massager Machine Here
Personalize and Meaningful Christmas Gift for Father
Though we love fun novelty items for dads at Christmas time, we also know it’s important to show him just how much you care. Luckily, we’ve found just what you’re looking for…
1.  Personalised Random Crap Storage Organiser

Okay, we know we said ‘meaningful’ gifts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make him laugh in the process! This hilarious ‘Dad’s Random Crap’ organizer is made for keeping the contents of his pockets safe and all in one place at the end of the day. Also, thanks to its generous size, he can throw in his keys, wallet, phone, glasses, and much more.
Shop the Personalised Random Crap Storage Organiser Here
2.  Personalised Lighters 

Ideal for lighting candles, cigars, and campfires, this beautifully crafted, personalized lighter is sure to be your dad’s favorite gift this Christmas. Choose one of the seller’s pre-written messages, or create one of your own for a more personal touch. 
Shop the Personalised Lighters Here
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3.  Personalised Beer Crate 

Another of our favorite personalized gifts for dads is this special beer crate made to house all of his favorite beverages. Present it to him on Christmas day or fill it with drinks as a special advent calendar if you’re feeling especially generous this year!
Shop the Personalised Beer Crate Here
4.  Personalized Christmas Photo Album 

From birthdays and first days at school to family trips and Christmasses gone by, family photos are incredibly precious. Make sure your dad has somewhere beautiful to keep his and gift him this stunning, personalized solid wood photo album for Christmas this year.
Shop the Personalized Christmas Photo Album Here
5.  Personalized Whiskey Glass Set in Wooden Barrel

We’re not short on awesome gifts for whiskey lovers! As you can see from this amazing personalized whiskey glass set that your dad is sure to adore. It comes with a glass and three whiskey stones to keep his beverage cold, all housed in a cool barrel-shaped gift box.
Shop the Personalized Whiskey Glass Set in Wooden Barrel Here
6.  Christmas Gifts For Dad Special 

Christmas gifts for dad don’t get more special or unique than this. Sound Wave Picture, will use the sound of your voice or a song of your choice to create a picture of the soundwave. This can be incorporated into photographs or you can have the soundwave alone as a piece of art. What’s even more amazing is, you can use an app to listen to the original recording by simply holding your phone up to the image. A truly magical Christmas present for any father to receive. 
Shop the Christmas Gifts For Dad Special Here
Christmas gift for Father from his Daughter
Whether you’re still daddy’s little girl or you’re all grown up, presenting him with a gift you’ve clearly chosen just for him will mean the world to him this Christmas. 
1.  Masculine Watch Band Stainless Steel
 Choose this handsome stainless steel bracelet engraved with an adorable message to remind your father how much he means to you not just on Christmas day, but every day.
Shop the Masculine Watch Band Stainless Steel Here
2.  Stocking Stuffers 

If you’d rather put something other than chocolate or socks in your dad’s stocking this year, go for this chic-looking wine stopper. It’s engraved with a heartfelt message and even comes in a stylish gift box.
Shop the Stocking Stuffers Here
3.  Coffee Dad Mugs 

This has to be one of the cheekiest coffee mugs we’ve ever seen! We’re sure your dad will love it and it’s certain to make him and the rest of the family laugh come Christmas morning. 
Shop the Coffee Dad Mugs Here
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What is a good gift for a Father at Christmas?
Any gift that either reflects his favorite hobbies, is personalized with a special message from you, or makes him laugh the moment he opens it up is sure to be a winner!
What gift should I get my Elderly Father for Christmas?
If your dad has a great sense of humor, gifts that poke fun at his age (like the coffee mug above) are always a good idea. If not, something heartfelt with a special inscription is sure to make his heart melt. 
What should I give to my Father who has everything?
A sure-fire way to make your gift unique is to have it personalized. Choose one of the gifts on our list that has his name or a special message from you engraved and you can be sure he doesn’t already have it!
What should I get my Father for last minute?
We all leave it to the last minute sometimes. If that’s you this Christmas, look for stocking stuffers and gifts without personalization. These will be delivered faster and still make excellent presents!

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