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2nd Merit List of LCWU 2022 Morning/Evening

Check LCWU Second Merit List 2022 Online for Bachelors and Intermediate Programs: Lahore Women University LCWU Merit List 2022 First, Second, Third and Final can be checked on our website. Therefore, admission to 2022 BS programs has been announced by LCWU.

Hence, LCWU officials are yet to announce the second Merit List for LCWU 2022. In November 2022, they released the Undergraduate Programs Merit List. The list of students for interview will be announced by LCWU prior to the release of the merit list.

LCWU 2022 Second Merit List

father no a program First merit list
1 BA Regular Applied Psychology – FA Opinion
2 BSc Applied Regular Psychology – FSC Opinion
3 BS Arabic (Normal) Opinion
4 B.Arch Architecture (Normal) Opinion
5 B.Com (Normal) Opinion
6 BE B.Ed. (Honours) Educational Research and Policy Studies (Regular) Opinion
7 BBA (Normal) Opinion
8 BBA (Self Supporting Program) Opinion
9 BS Biotechnology (Regular) Opinion
10 Bachelor of Biotechnology (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
11 BS Botany (Normal) Opinion
12 BSc Botany (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
13 Bachelor of Chemistry (Regular) Opinion
14 BS City and Regional Planning (Regular) Opinion
15th Bachelor of City and Regional Planning (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
16 Bachelor of Computer Science (Regular) Opinion
17 BS Disaster Management (Regular) Opinion
18 Bachelor of Disaster Management (Self Support Program) Opinion
19 Bachelor of Economics (Regular) Opinion
20 Bachelor of Economics (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
21 BS ED (Science Education) (Regular) Opinion
22 be electric (regular) Opinion
23 BA English Language and Literature (Ordinary) Opinion
24 BA English Language and Literature (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
25 Bachelor of Environmental Sciences (Regular) Opinion
26 Bachelor of Environmental Science (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
27 Bachelor of Gender and Development Studies (Regular) Opinion
28 Bachelor of Geography (Regular) Opinion
29 Bachelor of Geography (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
30 BFA Graphic Design (Normal) Opinion
31 BFA Graphic Design (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
32 Bachelor of Health and Physical Education (Regular) Opinion
33 BA History (Normal) Opinion
34 Bachelor of Home Economics (Regular) Opinion
35 Bachelor of Home Economics (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
36 Elementary B.Ed Hons (Normal) Opinion
37 B.Ed Hons Elementary (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
38 Bachelor of Education with Secondary Honors (Ordinary) Opinion
39 Bachelor of Education with Secondary Honors (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
40 BFA Interior Design (Normal) Opinion
41 BFA Interior Design (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
42 Bachelor of International Relations (Regular) Opinion
43 Bachelor of International Relations (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
44 Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Regular) Opinion
45 Bachelor of Islamic Studies (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
46 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Regular) Opinion
47 Bachelor of Mass Communication (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
48 Bachelor of Mathematics (Normal) Opinion
49 Bachelor of Mathematics (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
50 Bachelor of Pakistan Studies (Regular) Opinion
51 BA Pakistan Studies (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
52 BS Farsi (Normal) Opinion
53 Pharm-D (Regular) Opinion
54 Pharm-D (self-help program) Opinion
55 Ph.D. Physiotherapy (Self Support Program) Opinion
56 Doctor of Physical Therapy (Normal) Opinion
57 Bachelor’s degreePhysics (Normal) Opinion
58 Bachelor of Physics (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
59 Bachelor of Political Science (Regular) Opinion
60 General Administration BPA (Regular) Opinion
61 BS Punjabi (Normal) Opinion
62 Bachelor of Social Work (Regular) Opinion
63 Bachelor of Sociology (Regular) Opinion
64 Bachelor of Software Engineering (Regular) Opinion
65 Bachelor of Software Engineering (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
66 Bachelor of Statistics (Regular) Opinion
67 BS TESOL (Self-Supporting Programme) Opinion
68 BS TESOL (Normal) Opinion
69 BFA Textile Design (Normal) Opinion
70 BFA Textile Design (Self-Supporting Programme) Opinion
71 BS Urdu (Normal) Opinion
72 BS Urdu (Self Support Program) Opinion
73 BFA Visual Arts (Normal) Opinion
74 BFA Visual Arts (Self-Supporting Programme)
75 Bachelor of Animal Science (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
76 BS Zoology (Normal) Opinion
77 BA Regular Applied Psychology – FA (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
78 BSc Applied Systematic Psychology – FSc (Self-Supporting Program) Opinion
LCWU 2022 AM/PM Second Merit List
LCWU 2022 AM/PM Second Merit List
College / institutes Undergraduate programmes 1Street merit list
Faculty of sciences and technology Biotechnology (normal) (self-supporting) 1054 991
Botany (normal) (self-supporting) 955 903
chemistry ten thirty
Environmental sciences (normal) (self-supporting) 952 814
geography (normal) (self-supporting) 667 551
Maths (normal) (self-supporting) 937 799
Physics (normal) (self-supporting) 900 798
Zoology (normal) (self-supporting) 1020 922
College of Engineering and Technology B. architecture test based
CRP (Normal)

disaster management (Normal)

computer science (Normal) 1011
electrical engineering 57,658
Software Engineering (normal) (self-supporting) 983
College of Administration and Administrative Sciences B. com 875
BBA (normal) (self-supporting) 965
BPA 850
College of Islamic and Oriental Education Islamic studies (normal) (self-supporting) 756 617
Sabiha Mansour Institute for Languages ​​and Culture Arabic 518
Einglish (normal) (self-supporting) test based
Persian 404
Punjabi 496
urdu (normal) (self-supporting) 661 551
College of Education Institute of Education bed. primary (normal) (self-supporting) 671 601
bed. secondary (normal) (self-supporting) 679 553
bed. Educational research and policy studies 612
Bachelor of Science Education 655
Health and physical education 840
TESOL (normal) (self-supporting) 757 517
College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, Institute of Pharmacy Pharm-Dr (normal) (self-supporting) 1081 1073
Doctor of physical therapy (normal) (self-supporting) 1080 1076
LCWU 2022 Second Merit List
College of Arts and Social Sciences applied psychology (Normal) F. F.A (self-supporting) F. F.A 1051 801 982
economics (normal) (self-supporting) 748 686
Date 553
Home Economics (normal) (self-supporting) 781 654
International relations (normal) (self-supporting) 889 754
mass communication (normal) (self-supporting) 840 780
Pakistani studies (normal) (self-supporting) 703 681
Political Science 806
Social Service 721
statistics 769
Ruth Pfau Women’s Institute for Leadership and Learning Gender and development studies 708
Sociology 786
Institute of Visual Arts and Design graphic design (normal) (self-supporting) test based
visual arts (normal) (self-supporting) test based
Textile design (normal) (self-supporting) test based
interior design (normal) (self-supporting) test based
LCWU 2022 Second Merit List

LCWU Lahore College for Girls Lahore 2nd LCWU Merit List 2022 will be announced in the history of FA/FSC/ICS/ICOM/General Science and Home Economics Medium.

www.lcwu.edu.pk Second Bachelor Merit List 2022

Students applying for admission to FA, FSC, ICS, I.Com, D.Com, BS, MS and M.phil programmes. And apply for the written exam that will be held by the university on the specified day. LCWU Entrance Examination Result 2022 Merit List 1st 2nd 3rd Result 2022 Final Merit List is now being eagerly awaited by students.

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