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8123 Ehsaas Program Registration

Ehsaas Tracking 8123 Ehsaas program registration details are available on this page. Registration for the Ehsaas Hum program has started and was introduced via SMS and online application by the Government of Pakistan. According to the Hum Qadam Programme, the government of Punjab will help disabled citizens (male and female) of Pakistan regardless of their age through financial assistance.

Ehsas program to track your government

yes! Naturally handicapped persons who want monthly support can seek assistance from the Pakistani government by registering for Ehsaas 8123 programme.

The following article contains the basic details of the support program for people with disabilities. Basic details like terms and conditions, VoIP and SMS registration method. In addition, we have also provided below the trick by which you can check if you are eligible for this supportive assistance or not, hence read this article completely

8123 Registration in Ehsas Program

Registration in the Ehsas Homma program was submitted

We know very well that all disabled people receive a special CNIC card from Nadira for 8123 registrations in the Ehsas program. Hence, it is proven that a pregnant woman (male or female) is naturally disabled. In addition, that person’s disability to support officials must be clearly indicated.

First of all, people who want to enroll in this program must check their eligibility. This eligibility is verified via SMS through the primary CNIC number. We have provided the following method for checking eligibility and step by step application procedure.

Verify tracking 8123 eligibility for registration in Ehsas Program

Only one family member can apply for this support. Please write your CNIC number with HQ in an SMS and send it to 8123. Within a few seconds, you will receive the confirmation message. This short message will tell you whether or not you qualify for disability assistance.

Ineligible notice

Persons who are not registered in the “Qumi Khoshali Survey” or who are registered but whose disability is not mentioned. Such persons in such cases are “not eligible” for the program.

Notify eligible citizens

It is very important for men and women with disabilities to register for the “Qumi Khoshali Questionnaire” to get this assistance. Registered persons are eligible for monthly support.

Submission steps

Please follow these steps and register/apply for the Ehsas Houm Qadam Program:

  • Please send your CNIC number with “HQ” written before it and send it to 8123
  • Now visit the nearest sensation center
  • Give them your thumb impression
  • our end! You are now registered
  • Start getting your help from a sense
  • This will be given free of charge every month
2000 monthly assistance

According to the Punjab government, the authorities have identified 3.5 billion rupees to support the “handicapped”. Each person will get 2,000 per month. Until government funds are transferred to the accounts of 300 million disabled people. This assistance will continue in all cities of Pakistan.

1,500 for minorities

These registered Pakistani nationals are disabled but can work. Absorbed persons will receive 4/3 share of the total amount. According to this fact, the official assistance for half-handicapped persons is Rs 1,500. On the other hand, it will save 2k for completely disabled citizens. What is the 8171 feeling outlet?

Electronic portal

You can visit this portal for more information about Monthly 2000 Planner. This page belongs to Ehsaas Official All-in-One Portal. Hence, for more sense programs, you can visit the additional pages of the following site.

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