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Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan, Scale 2022

What is Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan Salary, Scale, Protocol, and Facilities in 2022? The PMS and CSS AC employee salary scale is bps-17. Assistant commissioners are often also known as deputy district officers. They perform revenue administration functions in connection with their official duties.

Assistant Commissioner Salary in Pakistan 2022

Assistant Commissioner (AC (BS-17), their minimum basic salary in Pakistan is Rs 45,070, their maximum basic wage and salary is Rs 113,470, these AC officers get an annual raise of Rs 3,420 every year

AC means in Pakistan:

  • Assistant Commissioner (AC) BPS-17


Assistant Commissioner AC is one of the highest ranking positions in the Government of Pakistan, with a BS-17 degree. This is a great post with many benefits and facilities and pays great allowances after doing CSS and PMS.

The minimum basic salary scale for an Assistant Commissioner is Rs. 45,070 and the maximum is Rs. 113,470. The government provides several benefits and allowances for the BS-17 Assistant Commissioner position. Assistant Commissioner receives a raise (Dec) of Rs. 3,420 each year. The government also provides medical allowances, accommodation, official vehicle, security staff, travel allowances and personal staff at the Assistant Commissioner’s residence.

  • Basic salary: 45,070
  • House rent: 16,000
  • Transfer allowance: 8000
  • Medical: 1847
  • Repair allowance: 7000
  • Performance allowance: 18,000
  • Allocated Relief 2022: 4,500
  • Total salary: 105,000+

Other benefits, such as driver, car, fuel, house and utility allowance.

The monthly salary of an assistant commissioner in Pakistan is PKR 105,000 per month.

Assistant Commissioner (AC) Job Description:

Assistant Commissioners are high-ranking positions in the government and as such they are responsible for peace, tranquility, harmony, rules, laws and regulations in the country (Pakistan), price control, wheat procurement and disaster management.

They are also responsible for monitoring and dealing with educational institutions, hospitals and health units. The Assistant Commissioner is concerned with handling all aspects within his/her area.


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