Sunday , September 26 2021

Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin – Awesome Stuff 365

The Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin is the perfect home for modern nomads.
Towable and compact, this cabin can become your forever home no matter which part of the world you decide to explore.
The cabins are designed to be either mounted on a foundation or a trailer.
This tiny cabin comes prefabricated with basic comfort in mind. It is fully insulated, with natural ventilation openings, a long-lasting roof, windows, and locking mechanisms.

However, you can customize Bivvi further to suit your lifestyle. For travellers, you can outfit it with an off-grid electric system that includes solar panels and a lithium battery power station.

An on-grid package is also available for those who want to settle down with their Bivvi.

This comfy 80 sq. ft. cabin is a perfect alternative to tents and campers when on the road.

It can also be your little haven in your backyard, a place to work, craft, or simply relax.

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Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin

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