Wednesday , May 19 2021


10 Ideas to Start as a Freelancer in 2021

10 Freelancing Ideas in 2021

Freelancing Ideas: Entrepreneurship has become for many in the escape route to unemployment. With the coronavirus crisis, the large number of ERTES that have occurred in recent months, and the closure of companies, many have decided to undertake and those who were already undertaking, to change their business model to …

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How to make a Curriculum Vitae – Create Your CV Online

How to Make Professional Curriculum Vitae Online

On this page we are going to advise you on the steps you must follow for the correct preparation of your Curriculum Vitae, with examples of it. The Curriculum Vitae Professionals dedicated to hiring personnel expect the Curriculum Vitae to be the clear and concise expression of information about the personal data, training …

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15 Main Financial and Management Indicators

Financial Indicators

We show you the 15 most relevant financial indicators, so you can take advantage of them when managing any business. When we hear that a person undertakes, we could say that everyone – or almost everyone – comes to mind words such as: business, profitability, success, money, etc. But you …

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