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CCTV Camera Price in Pakistan 2021

CCTV camera is a short form of Closed Circuit Television camera used in homes, offices, and roads to monitor the spaces. CCTV cameras are the most common use everywhere in Pakistan. This gadget helps people monitor their business work, homes, schools, prisons, streets, and other areas. Nowadays the advanced technological CCTV cameras are used to monitor and secure places. People strategically place this gadget for maximum visibility.

In Pakistan, the minimum price of CCTV cameras is PKR 1,700, and the maximum estimated average price is PKR 13,847.

CCTV Camera Types:

CCTV camera has different types and each type has its own price in Pakistan.

  • Some CCTV cameras require Digital Video Recorder (DVR) uses to store the audio and video information.
  • Other CCTV cameras only require SD card, which fits into it to record everything.

Today most of the systems connect with WIFI to see the space as long as their internet has access. The most advanced technological CCTV cameras are connected with smartphone apps. All cameras are HD with good resolution to make a good quality video. The manufacturer also made weather protection and night vision quality in CCTV cameras to monitor everything, even in harsh weather or at night.

Which CCTV Camera System Best for the Personal Use:

CCTV cameras use to monitor businesses, schools, streets, and other places in Pakistan. All the CCTV systems are best to watch the spaces, but the essential thing is to check out “what system is best for personal use.” The larger CCTV gadget systems can be critical to place in homes with wiring. This placement looks like the outdoor areas or banks and others. So, the houses can be secured with standalone cameras in which an SD card place.

The essential thing of the use of the standalone camera for personal use is “Price.” The standalone camera has more functions, which are built-in one unit rather than two systems like camera and DVR. The standalone cameras are available at reasonable prices in Pakistan. In Pakistan, the CCTV camera’s starting price is Rs 1,700, and the maximum average price is Rs 13,002. The cameras are available at different online store’s websites with different prices and packages for the customer’s convenience. So, you can visit the online stores and get CCTV standalone cameras at reasonable prices.

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