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[Check] Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration CNIC 8171

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has announced the country’s largest relief package of Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration CNIC 8171. The total of 120 billion under which 53% of the population of the country will be given subsidies on essential household food items. After the start of the Ehsaas Rashan Riayat program, the country’s 130 million population will receive a 30% subsidy on three essential commodities; oil/ghee, flour, and pulses.

What is Ehsaas Rashan Portal: The Ehsas Rashan Program has been launched under the umbrella of the largest Ehsaas Program, which is the main financial support program of the current federal government.

(Procedure) Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration

The registration for Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration (احساس پروگرام 8171 پیسے چیک کرنے کا طریقہ) will start on October 2022. I will tell you the essential information through which you can quickly register yourself;

  • You need to buy a mobile SIM which is registered on your own CNIC number
  • The registration will be carried out through the online rashan portal.
  • NBP will enroll the Karyana Merchants
  • Mobile Point of Sale Android App will be available on Google App Store for Karyana Merchants
  • The Karyana Business should be physically verified before enrollment
  • The Karyana owners must have Bank Account
  • Only one person will be eligible to get registered in the Ahsas Rashan program

Under the Governmental Scheme of Ehsaas Rashan Gharana, the online registration of Rashan Riayat has been re-opened via SMS Number 8171 (For Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration Status Check). If your whole family earnings are not more than Rs. 50,000 then you are eligible for the ehsaas rashan registration. You can register yourself through check CNIC number and your mobile SIM must be registered in your own name. Karyana (Dukan) merchants can also be registered themselves through Digital Ehsaas Portal.

Ehsaas Rashan Check 8123 service has been re-opened for registration of households under Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration Subsidy. For households whose monthly income is less than Rs. 50,000.

It is designed as an accurate target subsidy program to provide financial support to the eligible ehsaas beneficiaries on the purchase of household items from any registered Karyana Store (Dukan) at a discount through digitally processed transactions. You can also check your eligibility for Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration.

Online Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022

Deserving and needy people can apply online Ehsas Ration Program 2022 at the official Website of Ehsas Ration portal at There are online forms at Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration Portal for registering for Ehsas Raashan Program 2022.

Online form for ehsas rashan receivers. It is a good platform for the rich and rich people who are willing to donate their money in the way of ALLAH. Through the Insaf Rashan Program poor and jobless people can easily find Ehsas Rashan due to inflation in Pakistan. Get more about ehsaas rashan program portal 2022 full information.

How To Apply Online For Ehsaas Rashan Card 2022 Complete Guide

The Ehsaas Rashan Form Online is required for Ehsaas 8171 NADRA programs and Ehsaas Imdad Program 2022 registration. On the Ehsas Rashan Program Portal, you can find the registration form.

Online Application Procedure on Ehsaas Rashan Portal:

When you open the Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration portal website then, you will find three main pieces of information are listed below;

  • Home
  • Registration For Ehsaas Rashan Program
  • Karyana Merchant Registration

Registration For Ehsaas Rashan:

When you open the option of Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration, then you will find an online application form that has the following requirements to fill out;

  • CNIC Number
  • Mobile Number which SIM registered on your CNIC
  • Captcha Code
  • Submit Button

Benefits Of Ehsaas Rashan Card Online Registration October 2022

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, announced Ehsaas Rashan Program 2022 Online Registration for the needy. They will provide a 40% discount on four main items as part of this program:

  • Pulses
  • Flour
  • Ghee
  • Cooking oil 
  • While purchasing food from the utility / Karyana store.

A total of Rs 100 billion has been allocated for Ehsaas Ration this month months by the government.

Twenty million Pakistani families will receive a Rs 1000 monthly stipend to buy daily-use household items through the Ehsaas Ration Program. This Ehsaas program will benefit 130 million people.

Requirements For Ehsaas Rashan Program October, 2022

You must fill in a mandatory field on the questionnaire correctly. You must provide the following basic terms:

  1. A CNIC is a unique identifier (احساس شناختی کارڈ اہل نہیں)
  2. The registration number for your SIM card
  3. You must register SIM card numbers on CNICs
  4. Put numbers into the box (I’m not a computer)
  5. Please click “Jama Karwayen” to submit your application.

Ehsaas Rashan Program Registration July 2022-23:

  • The Prime Minister announced the Ration Program on November 3, 2021.
  • Two million families will be benefited from this program, whose choice will be made through the recent ehsaas survey.
  • Overall, 13 million people will be facilitated through this program, and 53% of Pakistan’s population will benefit.
  • Every month, the purchase of Flour, pulses, and pulses/cooking oil will be given a thousand rupees per family.
  • This facility will be available in the National Bank of Pakistan’s allocated crime stores.
  • The budget of the program for the financial year is 120 billion rupees. The program’s cost will afford the province involved in the federation and sense ration.

How To Apply For Ehsaas Ration Program Registrations Online 2022

Here are the instructions for registering for Ehsaas Rashan 2022:

  • Register online at or 
  • Contact Ehsaas Rashan Madad or 8171 for help. 
  • Ration subsidy is provided to Karyana stores by the National Bank of Pakistan.
  • Before registering on the mobile app, Karyana Merchants must verify their identity.
  • Bank accounts are required for this program.
  • Ehsaas Rashan offers this service. 
  • Google Play also offers the application.

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