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(Country wise Rank) World Happiness Index Report 2022

(Country wise Rank) World Happiness Index Report 2022 details are explained on this Preparation Point website Page. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the World Happiness Index Report 2022, which uses global survey data to report how people evaluate their own lives in more than 150 countries worldwide. The World Happiness Index Report 2022 reveals a bright light in dark times.
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The pandemic brought not only pain and suffering but also an increase in social support and benevolence. As we battle the ills of disease and war, it is essential to remember the universal desire for happiness and the capacity of individuals to rally to each other’s support in times of great need.
World Happiness Index Report 2022

World Happiness Index Report 2022
According to the world happiness index, the World Happiness Report is an indicator of global happiness. The rankings are based on reports of respondents’ assessments of their own lives, and articles on national happiness are included. The report also compares with other elements that influence (quality of) life. As of March 2022, According to the World Happiness Report, Finland was named the happiest nation in the world five times in a row. The latest calculation is yet to be announced. Here we have listed the last year’s index.
RankCountryHappiness 2021 Happiness 20202022 Population1Finland7.8427.8095,554,9602Denmark7.627.6465,834,9503Switzerland7.5717.568,773,6374Iceland7.5547.504345,3935Netherlands7.4647.44917,211,4476Norway7.3927.4885,511,3707Sweden7.3637.35310,218,9718Luxembourg7.3247.238642,3719New Zealand7.2777.34,898,20310Austria7.2687.2949,066,71011Australia7.1837.22326,068,79212Israel7.1577.1298,922,89213Germany7.1557.07683,883,59614Canada7.1037.23238,388,41915Ireland7.0857.1295,020,19916Costa Rica7.0697.1215,182,35417United Kingdom7.0647.16568,497,90718Czech Republic6.9656.91110,736,78419United States6.9516.94334,805,26920Belgium6.8346.86411,668,27821France6.696.66465,584,51822Bahrain6.6476.2271,783,98323Malta6.6026.773444,03324Taiwan6.5846.45523,888,59525United Arab Emirates6.5616.79110,081,78526Saudi Arabia6.4946.40635,844,90927Spain6.4916.40146,719,14228Italy6.4836.38760,262,77029Slovenia6.4616.3632,078,03430Guatemala6.4356.39918,584,03931Uruguay6.4316.443,496,01632Singapore6.3776.3775,943,54633Slovakia6.3316.2815,460,19334Brazil6.336.376215,353,59335Mexico6.3176.465131,562,77236Jamaica6.3095.892,985,09437Lithuania6.2556.2152,661,70838Cyprus6.2236.1591,223,38739Estonia6.1896.0221,321,91040Panama6.186.3054,446,96441Uzbekistan6.1796.25834,382,08442Chile6.1726.22819,250,19543Poland6.1666.18637,739,78544Kazakhstan6.1526.05819,205,04345Romania6.146.12419,031,33546Kuwait6.1066.1024,380,32647Serbia6.0785.7788,653,01648El Salvador6.0616.3486,550,38949Mauritius6.0496.1011,274,72750Latvia6.0325.951,848,83751Colombia6.0126.16351,512,76252Hungary5.99269,606,25953Thailand5.9855.99970,078,20354Nicaragua5.9726.1376,779,10055Japan5.945.871125,584,83857Portugal5.9295.91110,140,57056Argentina5.9295.97546,010,23458Honduras5.9195.95310,221,24759Croatia5.8825.5054,059,28660Philippines5.886.006112,508,99461South Korea5.8455.87251,329,89962Peru5.845.79733,684,20863Bosnia And Herzegovina5.8135.6743,249,31764Moldova5.7665.6084,013,17165Ecuador5.7645.92518,113,36166Kyrgyzstan5.7445.5426,728,27167Greece5.7235.51510,316,63768Bolivia5.7165.74711,992,65669Mongolia5.6775.4563,378,07870Paraguay5.6535.6927,305,84371Montenegro5.5815.546627,95072Dominican Republic5.5455.68911,056,37073Belarus5.5345.549,432,80075Hong Kong5.4775.517,604,29974Russia5.4775.546145,805,94776Tajikistan5.4665.5569,957,46477Vietnam5.4115.35398,953,54178Libya5.415.4897,040,74579Malaysia5.3845.38433,181,07280Indonesia5.3455.286279,134,50581Republic of the Congo5.3425.1945,797,80582China5.3395.1241,448,471,40083Ivory Coast5.3065.23327,742,29884Armenia5.2834.6772,971,96685Nepal5.2695.13730,225,58286Bulgaria5.2665.1026,844,59787Maldives5.1985.198540,98588Azerbaijan5.1715.16510,300,20589Cameroon5.1425.08527,911,54890Senegal5.1324.98117,653,67191Albania5.1174.8832,866,37492North Macedonia5.1015.162,081,30493Ghana5.0885.14832,395,45094Niger5.0744.9126,083,66095Turkmenistan5.0665.1196,201,94396Gambia5.0514.7512,558,48297Benin5.0455.21612,784,72698Laos5.034.8897,481,02399Bangladesh5.0254.833167,885,689100Guinea4.9844.94913,865,691101South Africa4.9564.81460,756,135102Turkey4.9485.13285,561,976103Pakistan4.9345.693229,488,994104Morocco4.9185.09537,772,756105Venezuela4.8925.05329,266,991106Georgia4.8914.6733,968,738107Algeria4.8875.00545,350,148108Ukraine4.8754.56143,192,122109Iraq4.8544.78542,164,965110Gabon4.8524.8292,331,533111Burkina Faso4.8344.76922,102,838112Cambodia4.834.84817,168,639113Mozambique4.7944.62433,089,461114Nigeria4.7594.724216,746,934115Mali4.7234.72921,473,764116Iran4.7214.67286,022,837117Uganda4.6364.43248,432,863118Liberia4.6254.5585,305,117119Kenya4.6074.58356,215,221120Tunisia4.5964.39212,046,656121Lebanon4.5844.7726,684,849122Namibia4.5744.5712,633,874123Myanmar4.4264.30855,227,143124Jordan4.3954.63310,300,869125Chad4.3554.42317,413,580126Sri Lanka4.3254.32721,575,842127Eswatini4.3084.3081,184,817128Comoros4.2894.289907,419129Egypt4.2834.151106,156,692130Ethiopia4.2754.186120,812,698131Mauritania4.2274.3754,901,981132Madagascar4.2084.16629,178,077133Togo4.1074.1878,680,837134Zambia4.0733.75919,470,234135Sierra Leone3.8493.9268,306,436136India3.8193.5731,406,631,776137Burundi3.7753.77512,624,840138Yemen3.6583.52731,154,867139Tanzania3.6233.47663,298,550140Haiti3.6153.72111,680,283141Malawi3.63.53820,180,839142Lesotho3.5123.6532,175,699143Botswana3.4673.4792,441,162144Rwanda3.4153.31213,600,464145Zimbabwe3.1453.29915,331,428146Afghanistan2.5232.56740,754,388World Happiness Index Report 2022
The Top 7 Happiest Countries in the World (plus an inspiring honorable mention) for 2021:
Finland ranks as the World Happiness Index Report 2022 country based on the 2021 report, with a score of 7.842 out of a total possible score of 10. The report writers credited the citizens of Finland’s strong feelings of communal support and mutual trust with not only helping secure the #1 ranking, but (more importantly) helping the country as a whole navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, Finlanders felt strongly that they were free to make their own choices, and showed minimal suspicion of government corruption. Both of these factors are strong contributors to overall happiness.
The second-happiest country in the world is Denmark, which scores 7.620. Denmark’s values for each of the six variables are quite comparable to those of Finland. In fact, Denmark even outscored the leader in multiple categories, including GDP per capita, generosity, and perceived lack of corruption, demonstrating that it may claim the top spot sometime in the near future.
As the third-happiest country in the world, Switzerland scored a total of 7.571 out of 10. In general, the Swiss are very healthy, with one of the world’s lowest obesity rates and a long life expectancy. The Swiss also have a very high median salary, about 75% higher than that of the United States, and the highest GDP per capita in the top seven. Additionally, there is a strong sense of community in Switzerland and a firm belief that it is a safe and clean country—which is statistically true. Along with Iceland and Denmark, Switzerland is one of the world’s safest countries.
Iceland ranks as 2021’s fourth-World Happiness Index Report 2022 country in the entire world, with a total score of 7.554. Of the top seven happiest countries around the globe, Iceland has the highest feeling of social support (higher even than Finland, Norway, and Denmark, which all tied for second place). Iceland also had the second-highest generosity score in the top seven, though it’s worth noting that it ranked only 11th worldwide.
Edging out Norway for the honor of fifth-happiest country in the world is the Netherlands (also known as Holland to many tulip lovers), with a score of 7.464. The Netherlands scored higher in the generosity category than any other top-seven country and also displayed an impressive lack of perceived corruption.
The citizens of sixth-place Norway (7.392) feel they are being well cared for by their government thanks to universal healthcare and free college tuition. Norwegians also enjoy a healthy work-life balance, working an average of 38 hours per week vs. 41.5. hours per week in the United States. Additionally, Norway has a low crime rate and a strong sense of community among its citizens—a quality it shares with many of the top seven.
Seventh-place Sweden (7.363) ranks high, if not quite highest, in virtually every category measured. For example: Sweden has a higher lack of corruption score than all but four countries worldwide (two of which are Finland and Denmark), the fourteenth-highest GDP per capita of all 149 countries measured, and the fourth-highest life expectancy in the top seven.
Honorable Mention: Bhutan
Bhutan was excluded from the 2021 report due to a technicality: Each country’s scores are based upon detailed Gallup polls, but Gallup did not conduct polling in Bhutan during the required timeframe. However, the report’s writers made a special effort to pay tribute to Bhutan, saying it “once again provided an inspiring example for the world about how to combine health and happiness.
They made explicit use of the principles of Gross National Happiness in mobilizing the whole population in collaborative efforts to avoid even a single COVID-19 death in 2020, despite having strong international travel links.” Impressive indeed. If Gallup begins polling in Bhutan, Northern Europe‘s hold on happiness may soon have competition.

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