Wednesday , December 1 2021

Custom Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe

If you want to look as badass as possible, you’ll need this Custom Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe.
It is an actual usable axe that looks like a piece of art and can be customized to your liking.
This Viking axe, or a bearded axe, is handmade and each one is as unique as the previous one. The blade is hand-forged out of carbon steel and can be outfitted with runes, images, and patterns of your choosing.
It is also completely usable, so you can chop kindling with it if solely keeping it on display doesn’t sit right with you.

The handle is crafted out of oil and wax-treated Ash or Rosewood. It can even sport a few burn marks to give the axe that special battle-hardened look.

And, as with everything, it can be customized. For example, your name can be carved into it using Norse runes.

Last but not least, the handle can be wrapped in leather that will complete its look and make it your most treasured possession for years to come.

Custom Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe

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