Sunday , October 24 2021

Dinner in The Sky – Awesome Stuff 365

Dinner in The Sky is the most exciting and thrilling food experience you’ll ever come across.
Be prepared for sitting 164 feet in the air and being served by the best chefs in the world. That’s a dinner to remember.
Dinner in The Sky operates in over 60 countries worldwide, all in accordance with the toughest safety regulations.
The restaurant is suspended in the air by a crane which provides you with a unique look at the city skyline. All the attendees are served by up to 3 chefs who do their gourmet cooking inside the table.

The food options range from lobsters to sushi, to tapas, or to anything you can imagine.

Additionally, this unique experience can be reserved for something more than just dinner. How about a movie-watching party that takes place in the sky? Or maybe a concert? Or how about taking the meaning of “destination wedding” to new heights?

All of this is possible with the unique event packages provided by Dinner in The Sky. So strap in for new dizzying experiences.

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