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Election Officer Past Papers pdf Download

Election officer test solved past papers

Election Officer Test Syllabus has been issued by Election Commission. As per the Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a press release about the Election Officer jobs 2020 syllabus on 22 December 2020, 30% Mcqs will be from 1973 constitution of Pakistan. The Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 ( Pan-I, II & VIII) and Election Act 2017 (30%).

Election Officer Past Papers pdf Download

Election officer past papers mcqs

This time election commission of Pakistan has changed the syllabus and pattern of exam as previously conducted pattern in Election Officer past papers. Regularly visit website of election commission of Pakistan about the information of written.


  • English 30%
  • The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 (Part I, II & VIII) and Elections Act, 2017 30%
  • Islamiyat 10%
  • Pakistan Affairs 10%
  • Current Affairs 10%
  • Everyday Science 10%

The examination will be Multiple Choice Questions based, consisting of 100 marks and duration of the exam will be one and a half hour. The Election Officer (BS-17) examination shall be conducted on 7th March, 2021.

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solved past papers test preparation mcqs

1. Red Lake is found in

2. Gulbadan begum was emperor Humayun’s?

3. Panama’s Capital is ?

4. A mason fixed black tiles of squat stapes around square room . There are 21 tiles on each side of the room . How many tiles did he need altogether?

5. which of the following windows do not start button ?

6. Increased level as SGOT/AST in blood is an indications of ?

7. Due to geo strategic position no peace is possible in Afghanistan without active support and co-operation of ?

8. Manama is the Capital of which Asian country ?

9. who is the chief executive of Islamic republic of Afghanistan?

10. Fill in the correct prepositions: “i will be ready __ the time you get here?

11. Ching ping dam is located in ?

12. The word : Pakistan” was firstly introduced in __ 1933 ?

13. The latest anti-militamcy operation in Pakistan is titled:

14. Which of the following countries recently allowed the women to drive a car alone ?

15. Earth competes one rotation on its axia in _ ?

  • Ans: 23 hours 56 minutes 4.9 seconds

16. The average weight of 8 persons is increased by 2.5 Kg when one of them who weights 56 kg is replaced by a new man. The weight of the new man is ?

17. what is the Value of X in 3x-15-6=0 ?

18. Angela Markel is the head of which country ?

19. Akosombo Dam is constructed on volts river in _ ?

20. The oldest revealed divined book is ?

21. which component of computer is also considered as it heart ?

22. which part of world is known as “Great Britain of Pacific” ?

23. The Over cooking of food should be avoided because it ?

  • Ans: Reduces the nutrition value of food

24. The word Muhammad (Saw) as a name has been mentioned in the holy Quran only _ ?

25. In MS Excel 2016, which of the following can be used to split windows into two ?

26. The great book ” Al itqan fi uloom al quran ” was composed by ?

27. Choose the correct meaning of the idiam : Onec in a blue moon”

28. Stanley Wolpert is popular due to his biography on ?

  • Ans: Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

29. The first Mu’adhin of islam ?

30. Which of the following is not a MS Power Point view ?

31. What are liquids that evaporate quickly, called ?

32. Which prophet of Allah had minimum age ?

  • Ans. Hazrat Essa AS 33 year

33. Hajr-e- Aswad is installed on the wall of khana kaab what is the meaning of Aswad ?

34. Which of the following River flows in canada ?

35. Study of Spiders is called ?

36. Why did the USA withdraw from the the united nations humans rights council in June 2018 ?

  • Ans: USA believed there was a bias against Israel

37. Lala Lajpat Rai was a famous Punjabi leaders associated with ?

38. Mr. Javaid Iqbal is chairman of the ?

  • Ans: National Accountability Bureau NAB

39. which of the following is the second largest province of Pakistan ?

40. When no tariffs are imposed on all imports and exports it is called?

41. Divide 350 into two party in the way that on exports it is called ?

42. Which gas present in the earth’s atmosphere can absorb solar ultraviolet radiatation ?

43. In a windows pc the shortcut key for redoing the last action in Microsoft power point is ?

44. Which of the following is considered the deepest lake in the world ?

45. Change the narration : The old lady said to her son, “is it not your duty to help[ me in my old age ?

  • Ans: The old lady asked her son if it was not his duty to help her in her old age.

46. To create table of columns and rows for statistical or mathematical calculations using spronstget, which software is used ?

47. who was the first Pakistani doctor whos lost his wife due to covid -19 infection and was posthumously awardee the Nishan-e- Kashmir on 27 march 2020 ?

  • Ans: Usmana Riaz 1st doctor

48. The Edhi foundation has the world’s largest ?

49. where is the pyramids of giza situated ?

50. Salat-e- khusoof is performed at the occasion of ?

51. which battle led to the birth of the khawaarij ?

  • Ans: The Battle of Nahrawan

52. when a gas turns into a liquid the process is called ?

53. who is the head of Pakistan atomic energy commission ?

54. River Nile river flow through which of the flowing cities ?

55. when was Quaid e Azam elected as the president of the first Constituent assembly ?

56. Look at this series 58, 52, 46, 40, 34,__ what number should come next ?

57. _____ is considering the largest Glacier in world located in Antarctica ?

  • Ans: Lambert-Fisher Glacier

58. Jacob Zuma in the president of ?

59. In the context of Pakistan’s political and judicial history what does PCO stand for ?

  • Ans: Provisional Constitutional Order

60. _____ are used to display data .

61. what is the function of logical unit in a computer ?

  • Ans: perform arithmetic and logic operations

62. The procedure of shattering the gallstones and kidney stones by shockwaves, is called?

63. Change the voice of the following sentence ” have you laughed at them”?

  • Ans: Have they been laughed at by you?

64. Find the relationship simlar to encourage: restrict

65. which one of the following is the metal?

66. Which article of the 1973 constitution releates to national language of Pakistan?

67. Which ghazwa his mentioned in surah al Imran ?

68. Partition of bangal was anulled ander British monarch:

69. Vaccination was discovered by __ ?

70. The dimer Basha dam is in the preliminary stages of construction it is on river ?

71. Which one of the following is a landlocked country ?

72. Which of the following functions in Microsoft excel is used to count items in a cell range?

73. The 16th non-aligned movement summit conference was held on 25 & 26 october,2019,in ?

74. 60 men can do a work in 40 days. How long will it take 40 men to complete the same work?

75. What does the phrase” putting the cart before the horse” mean ?

  • Ans: to do something contrary to conventional order

76. Complete the series: 3,4,7,8,11,12, _ ?

77. WIPO is the abbreviation of .

  • Ans: World Intellectual Property Organization

78. Correct the sentence by choosing right option for the underlined portion: ” I am tired as i am working since morning ?

79. Which of the following is not a valid zoom percentage in excel ?

80. Change the voice of the following sentence: do you now my father ?

  • Ans: is my father known to you ?

81. What is jobbery

  • Ans: Conduct of public business for private gain

82. Choose the correct meaning of the ldion , ” To fich in troubled waters”

  • Ans: to benefit others people’s in troubles

83. What was the religion of the majority of the arabs before islame ?

84. A fruit basket comprises of oranges, peaches and strawberries. The ration of oranges to peaches to strawberries is 2:3:4: If there are 8 orange, how many total fruit items are there in the basket ?

85. Rainfall is measured using a ?

86. Which was the first gulf state who recognized israel?

87. Who many square meters are in one square km?

88. If rs 1000 is divided amongst rabail and amna in the proportion of 2:3 respectively, How much will rabail receive?

89. Quaid-e-azam resigned from congress in the year ?

90. Is the capital of fiji ?

91شاہد کسں کا شعری محجموعہ ہے؟

جون ایلیا

92 چہار شنبہ ہفتے کا کون سا دن ہے؟


وہ صبح اور وہ چھاوں ستاروں کی اور وہ نور93
دیکھے تو غشی کرے ادنی گوئے اوج طور
س شعر میں علم بیان کی کون سی صورت آتی ہے ؟


94غالب کا یہ مشہور مصرعہ مکمل کیجیے : موت سے پہلے آرمی — نجات پا ئے کیوں

غم سے

95اردو نظم کے پہلے شاعر کون ہے ؟

نظر اکبر آبادی

96 قواعہ کا وہ حصہ جس میں مرکب جملوں اور عبارتوں سے بحث کی جاتی ہی ، کہلاتا ہے؟

97باع باع ہونا ؛ محاور ہے اس کا مفہوم کیاہے ؟

بہت خوش ہونا

98 ” charity begins at home “کے درست مطب کا انتخاب کیجیے؟

اول خویش بعد درویش

99 کون سا جملہ درست ہے ؟

برائے میربانی کل ضرور آئیں

100— ڈاکٹر فرحان فتع پوری کی اس مشہور تضیف کا نام مکمل کیجیے : اردو شعرا کے تذ کرے — اور


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