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Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 | Today’s Sehr O Iftar Time In Faisalabad

Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 | Today’s Sehr O Iftar Time In Faisalabad shared on this Page. Here is the Sehri and Iftar Time in Faisalabad for Ramadan 2022. In this article, you will find Sehri and Iftar Timings in Faisalabad for both Fiqh-e-Hanafia (Sunni) and Fiqh-e-Jafria (Shia).
This year, the first Ramadan will start on April 03, 2022, and end on 03, May 2022. From this website, you will quickly get information about the Ramadan calendar 2022. The citizens of Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 will follow this timetable. Below, we have shared the updated schedule of Ramadan in the Faisalabad district. Take a look.
Today’s Sehr O Iftar Time In Faisalabad
RamadanDateSehri TimingIftar Timing103 April 202204:31 AM6:29 PMFaisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022
The Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 sehri and iftar timings for each city vary according to the geographic location. This is because the timings for sunrise and sunset are different in various regions. Knowing the exact timings for sehri and iftar is necessary as Muslims are strictly advised to follow the directions regarding fasting.
Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022
When a person is fasting, he is not only required to refrain from eating and drinking but is also advised to avoid all kinds of bad deeds. The main purpose of fasting is to teach a person to practice patience and self-control. Here are the sehri and iftar timings in Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022. In addition to the timings, the complete Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022 is also provided.
Sehri and Iftar Time in Faisalabad for Fiqh-e-Hanafia
RAMADANSEHRIIFTARDATE104:31 AM6:29 PM03 Apr 2022204:30 AM6:30 PM04 Apr 2022304:28 AM6:30 PM05 Apr 2022404:27 AM6:31 PM06 Apr 2022504:25 AM6:32 PM07 Apr 2022604:24 AM6:32 PM08 Apr 2022704:23 AM6:33 PM09 Apr 2022804:21 AM6:34 PM10 Apr 2022904:20 AM6:34 PM11 Apr 20221004:18 AM6:35 PM12 Apr 20221104:17 AM6:36 PM13 Apr 20221204:16 AM6:36 PM14 Apr 20221304:14 AM6:37 PM15 Apr 20221404:13 AM6:38 PM16 Apr 20221504:12 AM6:38 PM17 Apr 20221604:10 AM6:39 PM18 Apr 20221704:09 AM6:40 PM19 Apr 20221804:08 AM6:40 PM20 Apr 20221904:06 AM6:41 PM21 Apr 20222004:05 AM6:42 PM22 Apr 20222104:04 AM6:43 PM23 Apr 20222204:02 AM6:43 PM24 Apr 20222304:01 AM6:44 PM25 Apr 20222404:00 AM6:45 PM26 Apr 20222503:58 AM6:45 PM27 Apr 20222603:57 AM6:46 PM28 Apr 20222703:56 AM6:47 PM29 Apr 20222803:55 AM6:47 PM30 Apr 20222903:53 AM6:48 PM01 May 20223003:52 AM6:49 PM02 May 2022Faisalabad Ramadan Calendar 2022Sehri and Iftar Time in Faisalabad for Fiqh-e-Jafria
RAMADANSEHRIIFTARDATE104:21 AM06:39 PM03 April 2022204:20 AM06:40 PM04 April 2022304:18 AM06:40 PM05 April 2022404:17 AM06:41 PM06 April 2022504:15 AM06:42 PM07 April 2022604:14 AM06:42 PM08 April 2022704:13 AM06:43 PM09 April 2022804:11 AM06:44 PM10 April 2022904:10 AM06:44 PM11 April 20221004:08 AM06:45 PM12 April 20221104:07 AM06:46 PM13 April 20221204:06 AM06:46 PM14 April 20221304:04 AM06:47 PM15 April 20221404:03 AM06:48 PM16 April 20221504:02 AM06:48 PM17 April 20221604:00 AM06:49 PM18 April 20221703:59 AM06:50 PM19 April 20221803:58 AM06:50 PM20 April 20221903:56 AM06:51 PM21 April 20222003:55 AM06:52 PM22 April 20222103:54 AM06:53 PM23 April 20222203:52 AM06:53 PM24 April 20222303:51 AM06:54 PM25 April 20222403:50 AM06:55 PM26 April 20222503:48 AM06:55 PM27 April 20222603:47 AM06:56 PM28 April 20222703:46 AM06:57 PM29 April 20222803:45 AM06:57 PM30 April 20222903:43 AM06:58 PM01 May 20223003:42 AM06:58 PM02 MAY 2022There is difference of a few minutes in Sehri and Iftar Time in Faisalabad for both Fiqh-e-Hanafia (Sunni) and Fiqh-e-Jafria (Shia) during the Holy Month of Ramadan 2022.
Fasting is a pillar of Islam and every Muslim is required to fast for one month during the year. The dates and months of the Islamic calendar are not the same as the Gregorian calendar that we follow. This is the reason that every year, Ramadan falls on different dates of the Gregorian calendar.
The Islamic calendar is actually a lunar calendar, and the dates and months depend upon the size of the moon. At the beginning of the month, the moon is a barely visible crescent shape. Along with keeping a check on the dates, it is important that the sehri and iftar timings also be followed properly. Below are the sehri and iftar timings in Faisalabad:

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