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FPSC CSS MPT Syllabus 2022 PDF Test Date

FPSC CSS MPT Syllabus 2022 PDF Test Date with sample paper for CSS MPT written test. We have provided a micro-listing of topics of CSS screening test 2022 MCQs (multiple choice questions)-based Preliminary Test (MPT) for a better understanding of its syllabus. This will help the CSS aspirants to crack the screening test without stress and anxiety.
Federal Service Commission of Pakistan, FPSC CSS MPT Syllabus 2022 in a notice, shared on 4th November 2021, has issued the details of CSS Screening Test 2022. As per FPSC, this screening test is called MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT). MPT will be effective from CSS CE 2022.

CSS MPT Syllabus 2022 — FPSC Practice Paper Analysis
English Section — 50 QsSynonyms — 10 QsAntonyms — 10 QsPrepositions — 5 QsSentence Completion — 5 QsSentence Correction — 10 QsComprehension — 5 QsOdd Word Out — 5 QsGeneral Ability Section— 60 QsBasic Maths (Ratio, Percentage, Averages, etc)— 17 QsAlgebra— 16 QsGeometry— 7 QsGeneral Mental Ability (Number Series etc)— 10 QsAnalytical Reasoning— 10 QsUrdu Section — 20 Qsاردو گرائمر — 8 سوالاتترجمہ — 2 سوالاتمترادفات — 10 سوالاتIslamic Studies — 20 QsGeneral Knowledge Section — 50 QsEveryday Science — 18 QsPakistan Studies — 19 QsCurrent Affairs — 13 QsCSS 2022 MCQ Based Preliminary Test (MPT)
General Knowledge Sections (50 marks)
SubjectTopics to be coveredEveryday ScienceCurrent AffairsPakistan AffairsEveryday Science —Various Branches of ScienceScientific Inventions & DiscoveriesScientific Instruments & ApparatusesSupplementary one-liners from FPSC & PPSC Past Papers (as provided in the book)Topics such as Physical and World Geography (Our Solar System, Understanding the Globe, From Arctic to Antarctica, the Oceans on the Globe, the Seas on the Earth, the Rivers in the World, Cities on the Banks of Rivers, the Lakes on the Globe, the Deserts in the World, Structure and Composition of the Earth) will also be covered under Everyday Science section.Current Affairs —National & International Current Affairs of the last yearStudents should extract important information from Dawn newspaper from January 1st onwards.Pakistan Affairs —Pakistan Geographical (Overview)The rise of Islam in South AsiaThe rise of British imperial powerThe Governments in Pakistan (1947- 2021)After partition — the creation of PakistanPakistan — Contemporary GovernmentGovernmental Structure of PakistanComparison of Pakistan ConstitutionsAmendments to the Constitution of Pakistan — 1973Famous Books and their Authors (as collected from the past papers)The Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC) also considers Static General Knowledge as its the part of General Knowledge. In this regard, the following topics will be touched in the session.Global Lines & BoundariesCountries and their ParliamentsTerritorial Disputes on the GlobeWorld- Famous Structures and PlacesDistinctive Names of PlacesChanged Names of Places (Cities & Countries)Countries, their Capitals and CurrenciesThe United Nations Organization (UNO) & its agenciesOther international bodies & their headquartersCSS MPT Syllabus 2022Islamic Studies (20 marks)
SubjectTopics to be coveredIslamic Studies  (Civics & Ethics — Non-Muslims may opt for Civics and Ethics or Islamic Studies)Islam in History — Timeline (till 1920)Islamic Studies — MiscellaneaFamily of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)The list of themes of the Qur’anic chaptersNotable pointers and facts about the Qur’anProphets (may Allah bless them) & their epithetsThe ten Promised Paradise (Ashra-e-Mubasshara)The fundamental articles of Faith (Iman)The foundational pillars of Islamal-Sahih al-Sittah (The Authentic Six)The schools of thought in IslamSupplementary Pointers (as provided in the book)Civics and EthicsCivics —Definition, Nature & SignificanceState and its elements & organsFundamental Human RightsRights and Duties or Obligations of Non-Muslims under the constitution of Pakistan – 1973United Nations — Aims and objectives including its main organs and agenciesEthics —Human values — Role of family, society and educational institutions towards inculcating universal moral values)Integrity, impartiality and non-partisanship, objectivity, dedication to public service, empathy, tolerance and compassion towards the weaker-sections.Emotional intelligence — concepts and applications in administration/ governanceCSS MPT Syllabus 2022English (50 marks)
SubjectTopics to be coveredEnglishVocabularyGRE Vocabulary (only shortlisted words)Synonyms & Antonyms MCQs (as frequently asked in the FPSC & PPSC tests)Grammar UsageTenses CorrectionsParts of Speech (Corrections & Appropriate prepositions)Rules of English Grammar (17 lectures)Conditional Sentences and its typesKinds of Sentence StructuresComprehensionComprehension Exercises (in on-line mode)CSS MPT Syllabus 2022General Ability (60 marks)
SubjectTopics to be coveredGeneral Ability AbilityQuantitative (Basic Arithmetic): This section assesses the basic quantitative skills of the candidate. The section is developed in the light of the basic quantitative concepts.Average, Arithmetic Mean, Mode, Median & RangePercentage (Profit/Loss/Discount/Gain Percentage)Ratio & Proportion ProblemsTime / Distance/Trains ProblemsAlgebra & its important formulaeAge ProblemsProbabilityGeometry & Trigonometry BasicsSeries Problems/ Coding DecodingAnalytical Reasoning(Logical Reasoning): The questions in this section need simple analysis of the given data and logical reasoning of the candidate. Each question or group of questions is based on a passage or set of conditions, and the candidate has to select the best answer choice.There are following 7 methods of analytical reasoning.Matrix.Linear OrderingDistributed Order.Seating ArrangementSelection Method.Lesser than/ Greater Than.Networking Method.CSS MPT Syllabus 2022Urdu (20 marks)
SubjectTopics to be coveredUrduعلم نحو جملے کی بناوٹاقسام کلمہترکیبی فعلزمانےواحد جمعجملے کی ساختالفاظ کے جوڑےمذکرومونثمترادف اور متضاد الفاظترجمہCSS MPT Syllabus 2022FPSC Announced CSS-2022 MCQs Based Preliminary Test (MPT) Schedule
The wait of a lot of candidates has over now who were waiting for the CSS-2022 schedule. The FPSc has announced the complete schedule for the CSS-2022 MCQs Based Preliminary Test (MPT). So, those applicants who want to appear in the CSS exams must pass the CSS-2022 MPT test. To appear and pass the MPT is mandatory to sit for the CSS 2022 exams.
Thus, interested CSS MPT Syllabus 2022 candidates can apply for the CSS-MPT through the FPSC website. The FPSC will conduct the CSS MPT Syllabus 2022 MCQs Based test on 20 February 2022. So, interested candidates can register themselves through the FPSC website by 15 December 2021.
Eligibility Criteria for the CSS-2022 MPT
Candidates with the following eligibility criteria can apply for the CSS-2022 MCQs Based Preliminary Test (MPT).
Candidates having 2nd division in bachelors degreeAge: 21-30 yearsBoth males and females can applyThe cut-off date to determine the candidates’ eligibility is 31 December 2021.Examination Centers for the CSS 2022-MPT
For the CSS 2022 MPT, the FPSC will conduct the test in different cities so that candidates can apply for the nearest following city and center. 
AbbottabadGilgitLahoreQuettaBahawalpurGujranwalaLarkanaRawalpindiDG KhanHyderabadMultan SargodhaDI KhanIslamabadMuzaffarabadSukkurFaisalabadKarachiPeshawarTurbatHow to Apply for the CSS 2022 MPT
To apply for the CSS MPT Syllabus 2022, visit the FPSC website and apply online. ( will deposit RS 250/- as processing fees according to the details mentioned on the challan form. (challan form is available on FPSC website)Last date: 15 December 2021CSS MPT Syllabus 2022

What is FPSC CSS MPT stands for?
CSS screening test 2022 MCQs (multiple choice questions)-based Preliminary Test (MP. MPT will comprise of 200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) of One Mark each. There will be no negative marking. The time duration of the test will be 200 minutes

FPSC CSS Preliminary MPT Screening Sample test paper
CSS MPT Syllabus 2022

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