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10 Ideas to Start as a Freelancer in 2021

Freelancing Ideas: Entrepreneurship has become for many in the escape route to unemployment. With the coronavirus crisis, the large number of ERTES that have occurred in recent months, and the closure of companies, many have decided to undertake and those who were already undertaking, to change their business model to be able to circumvent all the problems they are facing.

Talking about entrepreneurs is also talking about freelancers, those professionals who take a step forward and carry out their own business. Many have had to give up in this crisis, but others are making their way over time, improving their services and transforming them to new needs.

And it is that creating your own business can be a bit scary, but it can also give many satisfactions and thanks to new technologies, e-commerce and new Internet platforms, everything is possible.

So if you are thinking of starting a new business and becoming self-employed but the enlightenment has not yet reached you, the idea that can be your point of inspiration for your business, here we offer you a series of ideas that can help you and that are already adapted to the new reality.

10 Freelancing Ideas:

Distance training

This has been, without a doubt, one of the jobs that has proliferated the most in recent months. In fact, we’ve seen something that was hardly valued, such as remote teaching, is now in considerable demand. In addition, on the Internet there are a large number of applications that will allow you to be at the forefront and face tele training as an entertaining, dynamic and creative job.


Fitness and sport online

Another very successful way of undertaking and that is also attracting many followers is related to fitness and online sports. Here are two target audiences to be addressed quite strongly: those who are reluctant to step on closed spaces with an influx of people for fear of catching the Covid-19, such as gyms, yoga or Pilates classes, among others, and those who they have little time to travel to these places, although they want to do some sport. Online sports classes have been a real boom, many people during the pandemic became fond of being in shape through different YouTube channels and, now, this demand continues to increase.


Health & Wellness

Many companies dedicated to health, such as nutritionists, doctors, telecare companies, have found an ally on the Internet when offering their services and more in these times of coronavirus in which truthful information, from official bodies is key to stay informed. Thanks to remote assistance, more clients can be reached, even more distant, and they can be attended to in an agile way. Knowing how to schedule appointments well is the key to making this way of caring for your patients a success.


Internet of things

It is one of the fields with the greatest present and future. We live in a time when the Internet is part of our life, like water, fuel or electricity. In recent years, developments in home appliances, devices and all kinds of things aimed at Internet connectivity are representing a real revolution that is very well received by consumers. We must not forget the virtual assistants like Alexa that have also become a special gift this Christmas. These Freelancing Ideas are very important for the newbies.


Smart cities

Parallel to the Internet of Things, projects and initiatives aimed at making cities smart environments are synonymous with avant-garde and well received. In addition, it is becoming easier to find financing and technology partners that help implement these actions. In this field the number of projects that can be developed are infinite: from park irrigation systems and smart gardens, traffic lights and smart lighting, computerized garbage collection systems …


Data protection and its treatment

One of the things the Internet is also exposing is the need to protect users. In fact, in 2016 the European Union established a common European framework on data protection. From that moment on, more and more companies have specialized in this matter, both from an advisory point of view and the provision of services that guarantee this protection of the data and information that are handled through the net.


Cloud services

Today it is not conceivable that a company does not work with cloud services. This technology is being developed with great success because it is applied in all sectors, both domestic and amateur as well as from a professional point of view. The demand for services and applications hosted in the cloud are highly demanded by all those companies that seek innovation and security as signs of identity.


3d print

This type of printing is extremely useful in a myriad of fields. It is assuming a revolution in sectors such as construction or medicine because it involves great cost savings, speed in the products in demand and high quality of the materials used. This is a new industry that is set to create a large number of jobs and with a great future. Next we are sharing 2 more Freelancing Ideas about cyber security and collaboration.


Collaborative and circular economy

In recent times we are also witnessing the need to be efficient and see life with a more sustainable perspective. For this reason, recycling is fundamentally part of it that came to stay and even become a very good way to earn a living. More and more people are precisely dedicated to giving a second life to dilapidated furniture, clothes that are no longer used or appliances that were going to be thrown away, without forgetting not to waste the food prepared by restaurants, bakeries or hotels. Creating new products using those that were going to be thrown away is one of the best ways to be more sustainable and, at the same time, you are also saving on costs.


Cyber security

Companies are clear that investing in cyber security is necessary, especially those that are dedicated to sectors such as finance, banking, logistics, information, sales … A breach in security can translate into thousands or millions of Euros in losses. For this reason, cyber security specialists are so in demand, in addition there are more and more approved courses and specialized certifications in different subjects such as cloud security, virtual environments, computer systems…

In short, these are ten ideas to be able to undertake during this 2021 as a freelance. Now it only remains to choose which of them can best fit the profile of each one and get going. I hope you will get a great knowledge from these Freelancing Ideas.

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