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(Grade 1 – 8) School Based Assessment 2022

(Grade 1 – 8) School Based Assessment 2022 pdf download shared on this Preparation Point page. Recently, the Punjab Education Commission (PEC) has issued a notification regarding the School-Based Assessments 2022. The notification contains all necessary details about the SBA 2022 for all grades (Grade 01-08). The notice includes a statement that PEC held its 23 Meeting on 01 October 2021. During the meeting, PEC decided to start the SBA 2022. 
(PDF) School Based Assessment 2022 Grade 8
(PDF) School Based Assessment 2022 Grade 6
(PDF) School Based Assessment 2022 Grade 7
Thus, Punjab will conduct the School-Based Assessment for all grades according to the following modes/methods.
Assessment will cover the whole curriculum for grades 01-8.For grades 01 & 02, the assessment will be oral and consists of objective types of questions.For Grade 03-08, the assessment will be written and consists of MCQs/ Short Answers/CRQs.The weightage for the MCQs and CQRs for grades 03-08 will be the same (may slightly vary among grades)For grade 01-05 Mujslin students, the Nazra assessment will be taken separately, comprising 50 Marks, and Islamiat Paper will be 100 Marks.Religious education for non-muslim students for grades 01-05 will be of 100 marks. However, the institutes will equate these marks with 150 marks of the Muslim students.

These are details according to which schools will take the assessment of students for 2022 years. However, PEC will announce the SBA 2022 dates/schedule later. Thus, remember to visit us for all the latest updates. 

Simply download the papers and print them. There is no watermark on the papers. These papers are for Govt and private schools which run under the school education department of Punjab. These papers are on the following subjects.
EnglishMathematicsScienceUrduComputerSocial StudiesIslamiatTeaching of QuranEthics
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