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Graphic Designer Salary per month in Pakistan

A Graphic Designer is a person who earns through his/her educational degree and also by experience level. A person who works as a Graphic Designer earns average amount of PKR 50,700 per month in Pakistan. The salary range of a graphic designer in Pakistan is from PKR 23,300 lowest amount till PKR 80,600 highest amount.

This is the monthly pay range criteria from lowest to highest that also include housing, transport, and other benefits. The pay criterion of a graphic designer consists on experience, education, or gender.

Graphic Designer Salary 2021

Here we provide a complete detail of graphic designer pay criteria that base on different terminologies.

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Graphic Designer Salary according to Experience Level;

The experience level for a graphic designer is essential to earn a huge amount of salary per month. A person who is a graphic designer has less than of two years of experience earns around PKR 26,500 per month. A person, whose experience level is between 2 to 5 years, earns PKR 35,400 per month that makes 34% more than whose experience level less than of 2 years.

Moreover, we see that having an experience between 5 to 10 years makes PKR 52,300 in a month. A graphic designer with this experience level earns 48% more than whose experience between 2 to 5 years.

Experience Level Percentage Per Month Salary
0 to 2 years   PKR 26,500 per month
2 to 5 years Plus 34% PKR 35,400
5 to 10 years Plus 48% PKR 52,300
10 to 15 years Plus 22% PKR 63,700
15 to 20 years Plus 9% PKR 69,400
20 plus years Plus 8% PKR 75,200

Graphic Designer Pay According to Education;

As we mentioned above that graphic designer pay also base on the education level. Here we provide a complete detail of their salary range according to education. As we know that every person who has higher educational degree will earn more. Here we break down Graphic Designer pay through their educational degree level.

A person as a Graphic Designer, who gets his education by High School, earns average amount of PKR 32,500 in a month. Someone who has only a Certificate or a Diploma in a Graphic Designer earns PKR 38,200 per month, 18% more than who has a degree of High School.

A Bachelor Degree holder earns average amount of Graphic Designer pay PKR 55,400 in a whole month. His monthly income is 45% more than who has only a Certificate or Diploma.

In last, the Graphic Professionals earns average amount of PKR 72,600 in a month. His monthly earning is 31% more than who has Bachelor Degree.

Educational Level Percentage Per Month Salary
High School Education   PKR 32,500
Certificate or Diploma in Graphic Designing Plus 18% PKR 38,500
Degree of Bachelor Plus 45% PKR 55,400
Master’s Degree Plus 31% PKR 72,600

Gender Base Salary Range;

Graphic Designer also earns through gender base like male or female makes a money in different pay range per month. Male earns PKR 56,200 while female makes PKR 45,200 per month.

Gender Percentage Per Month Salary
Male   PKR 56,200
Female                          Minus 20% PKR 45,200

In Pakistan, pay amount of a Graphic Designer increases around 10% every 19 months. The annual increment in their pay amount is granted 8% for all professional Graphic Designers every 19 months.

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