Friday , September 24 2021

Hands & Feet Earrings – Awesome Stuff 365

If you like unusual jewelry that is bold and eye-catching, you cannot ignore these Hands & Feet Earrings.
These can make a statement like no other set of earrings. Not because they’re big or shiny or lavishly expensive. No, it is because they look like freakishly realistic body parts.
These hands and feet earrings are handmade from polymer clay. They are then hand-painted to give the earrings the most detailed and realistic look possible.
This includes barely visible veins on the feet or tiny wrinkles between the digits of each finger.

Both sets of earrings can be made in different skin tones if you want them to match yours.

Get this freakishly fun gift for someone who loves bold fashion statements or just enjoys trolling people.

This will probably be the most unique, if slightly terrifying, gift they’ll ever get and that is exactly what these earrings were made for.

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