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How to make a Curriculum Vitae – Create Your CV Online

On this page we are going to advise you on the steps you must follow for the correct preparation of your Curriculum Vitae, with examples of it.

The Curriculum Vitae

Professionals dedicated to hiring personnel expect the Curriculum Vitae to be the clear and concise expression of information about the personal data, training and professional experience of the person seeking a job.


The main objective  to prepare your Curriculum Vitae is to obtain an interview.

The Curriculum Vitae fulfills a triple function:

  • Introduce yourself to your future employer.
  • Highlight the most important aspects of your academic and work career; as well as your personality
  • After the interview, remind your future employer of the facts that speak best about you.

Of your strengths, your Curriculum Vitae should highlight those that are perfectly suited to the role you must play in the company, without lying . You must adapt your Curriculum depending on the job position you are applying for.

How to Structure your Curriculum Vitae

Sections that a Curriculum Vitae must have:

Personal data : Name and surname, ID, place and date of birth, personal address, contact telephone number, email address …

Academic training : Studies carried out, indicating dates, center, and place where they have been carried out.

Complementary training : Studies and seminars that expand and complement your formal training, indicating the dates, the center and the place where they were held.

Professional Experience : Contracts, agreements and collaborations. Work experience carried out including internships in studies that may be of interest to the company that wishes to hire you. Do not forget to indicate the dates, the company where you worked and the functions and tasks carried out.

Languages : In this section you will mention the languages ​​you know and your level. If you obtained a recognized qualification, such as the ‘First Certificate’ in English, that proves your knowledge, indicate it.

Computer Science : Indicate the computer knowledge you have: operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphic design, internet, etc.

Other Information of Interest : In this last section, it indicates all those aspects that have not been included yet, such as: Driving license, availability, etc.

Ch Ahsan CV Resume Newspk Jobs

How to present your Curriculum Vitae

There are three ways to present a Curriculum Vitae: chronological , reverse chronological , and functional .


The reverse Chronological Curriculum Vitae

This presentation is practical and gains more ground every day.

It is to start with the most recent data. It has the advantage of highlighting your most current studies and experiences in the first place, which are obviously the ones that most interest the people likely to hire you.

It highlights the evolution of your educational and professional career

Its chronological presentation offers the ideal outline for a later personal interview.

The Chronological Curriculum Vitae

It allows to present the information starting from the oldest to the most recent.

The functional Curriculum Vitae

Distribute the information by topic and provide a quick knowledge of your training and experience in a certain field. It is a perfect marketing tool; As it does not follow a chronological progression, it allows selecting the positive points and omitting eventual errors in travel, periods of stoppage, frequent job changes …

It is usually advised for expert candidates with extensive professional experience.

The specialist in personnel selection and hiring is used to these three forms of CV presentation, so you should choose the one that best suits your personal, training and professional profile.

Example of Curriculum Vitae


  • Your resume should not exceed two pages.
  • You have to take care of the style and avoid spelling mistakes.
  • Before sending it, it should be subjected to a critical reading by third parties.
  • You have to take care of the image: quality paper, characters appropriate to the content, presentation that facilitates reading …
  • The attached photograph must be recent and passport size.

           Create Your CV

CV Maker 2

If you don’t know how to create CV online you can watch below video.

curriculum vitae, CV Examples

                                   CURRICULUM VITAE

                                                          PHOTO PERSONAL DATA        

Name and Surname: Ch Ahsan

Place and date of birth: August 12, 1995 – Fsd
CNIC Number: 33100-1010111-1
Address: House# 01, Street# 01, Main Road, Medina Town
Telephone: +923001231230 –  Email:



2018-2020 Master in Business Administration and Management- MBA University of The Punjab
2014-2018 Degree in Business Administration and Management- University of Lahore.


2018 “Business Alternatives”. University of Punjab. (20h.)
2017 “Management and Creation of Companies”. Business Creation Center – Cdad. Lahore. (25h.)
2016 “Conference on the New European Laws”. U.K Center for European Studies. (10h.)
2015 “Economic Study of the City of London“. Department of Studies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. (150h.)


2018-2020 Contract in the Accounting Department of the multinational Company Unilever, SA, performing administrative and accounting tasks.
2017-2018 Internship agreement; through the program managed by the Cabinet of Initiatives for Employment (GIPE) of the University of Punjab, in the A.Q Khan Institute, SL, performing administrative tasks.


ENGLISH High Level .- 6th Official Language School.
Urdu Intermediate level . Studying 4th Year at the Official School of Languages.
Punjabi Medium level  . Certificate of Elementary Knowledge of Punjabi, by the Qualifying Board of Knowledge of Punjabian. Ministry of Culture, Education and Science.


User-level knowledge:

·         Microsoft Office: Word – Excel – Access – PowerPoint

·         Accounting program: QuickBooks Online

·         Internet and social networks


Driving license B-1 – Own vehicle

Time and geographical availability


I will be able to offer you those that you consider appropriate in case you request them.

We hope it has been helpful.

Create Your CV Online


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