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HTFox Trading Scam Pakistan 2021

HTFox Trading Scam Pakistan 2021 The head of a corrupt application has defrauded the people of Pakistan about 100 million dollars. Please take action against HT Fox. Ht Fox is basically a crypto-trading app use of selling and buying different cryptocurrencies in Pakistan.
People in Pakistan are robbed by this company. Who stops your withdrawal then show you that a crypto trade gone wrong. These are the numbers of agents in Pakistan who can surely give us clues if interogated properly.

HTFox Trading Scam Pakistan 2021

What is HTFox App?
HTFOX FINANCIAL USA INC was established in 2016 and is headquartered in Colorado, USA. It is a dealer of the National Futures Association (NFA) and obtained the US government money service business (MSB) in 2019, MSB (408: Check casher, 409: Money transmitter, 415: Dealer in foreign exchange) transaction service business license

HTFox Trading Scam Pakistan 2021
HFC platform registered with hello crypto futures named did fraud yesterday with people and did loss to about 100 million dollars. This news is gone viral on twitter.
About HTFox
Provide clearing and order execution services for futures and options foreign exchange products of major global futures and options exchanges (including CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE US, ICE EU, SGX, EUREX, HKEX, LME, etc.) for most regions of the world; Provide customers with global leveraged trading tools through CFDs, focusing on high-quality customer service, leading technology, and highly competitive trading conditions to provide customers with the best trading platform.You can trade leveraged CFDs: futures, foreign exchange, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies. More than 40 trading products are at your fingertips;You can trade with a demo account of USD 10,000 before using real currency transactions without registering.
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