Sunday , October 24 2021

Inflatable Halloween Hazmat Suit Costume

If there is one Halloween costume that can sum up the turmoil of the 2020s fledgling decade, it is this one.
The Inflatable Halloween Hazmat Suit Costume is the perfect getup for this spooky season.
Especially for those who are not yet ready for all the touching, hugging, and hand-shaking. Or for those who miss the Among Us craze.
This hazmat suit costume comes from the same people behind the ingenious LED stick figure costumes. And it is just as hilarious.

This hazmat suit has a small fan at the back to keep it inflated and to allow you to comfortably breathe while inside. The fan can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a USB power bank.

If you are in for a family outing this Halloween, we’ve got good news for you. This costume comes in a variety of colors in both adult and kid sizes.

So suit up and enjoy the Halloween festivities from a safe distance.

Inflatable Halloween Hazmat Suit Costume

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