Friday , July 30 2021

Instagram will Suspend the Accounts who Send Hate Messages

Instagram will Suspend the Accounts of Users who Send hate Direct Messages. Instagram continues to fight so that its social network is not a tool for spreading hate messages. And the company has announced that it will begin to take measures so that this type of content is not sent in private messages, even going so far as to exaggerate the consequences that this would have among users, such as the elimination of accounts, without forgetting developing controls to reduce abuse.


As explained by Instagram in a statement that Instagram will Suspend the Accounts because the social network has long been fighting against this type of content on its platform. Until now, if someone sent private messages with hateful messages, the user saw how Instagram prohibited him from sending more messages for a certain period of time. But now, the measure is tightened a bit more and those users who break these rules will see their accounts suspended.


Similarly, Instagram will continue to suspend new accounts created to circumvent restrictions against the spread of hateful messages.


Another of the measures that Instagram has announced to prevent this type of behavior on its social network is that they will begin to collaborate with the British authorities, responding to valid legal requests for information in these cases.


Users with large amounts of followers, whether creators or companies, can deactivate direct messages for all those people who do not follow them, but Instagram wants to extend those controls to other personal accounts in different countries so that users can better control the receive this type of content.


Likewise, users will be able to deactivate the labels or the mentions of people who are not among their contacts or who do not know, in addition to being able to block those who send them unwanted messages.


In the statement, Instagram assures that they are committed to “do everything in their power to combat hate and racism on our platform,” offering their collaboration with other companies, football associations, non-profit organizations, governments, parents and teachers, among others. Therefore, Finally Instagram will Suspend the Accounts of users who will not follow the rules.

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