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Local Election 2021 KPK Schedule, Date

Local Election 2021 KPK Schedule, Date and result or kpk local government election 2021 schedule informed you by preparationPoint. In what is being interpreted as an upset for the PTI, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) candidate Zubair Ali has taken a lead over the ruling party for the Peshawar mayoral slot on Monday. 
As per unofficial results from 285 polling stations, the JUI-F candidate has so far polled 32,275 votes while the PTI’s Rizwan Bangash trails behind by securing 26,695 votes. 
Local Election 2021 KPK
Unofficial results: JUI-F candidate polls 32,275 votes while PTI’s Rizwan Bangash trails behind with 26,695 votes. JUI-F candidate Irfanullah Durrani extends lead over PTI candidate for the Bannu city mayor election. JUI-F’s Sher Zaman leads in Kohat city mayor election. In Bannu, another JUI-F candidate, Irfanullah Durrani has extended a lead over a PTI candidate for the mayor election. Irfanullah has so far polled 37,458 votes while the PTI candidate, Iqbal Khan Jadoon bagged 23,867 votes. 
The PTI has tasted defeat in the Mardan, Kohat and Nowshera tehsils. For the Mardan city mayor election, the Awami National Party’s (ANP) Himayat Ullah Mayar has extended a broad lead over the PTI’s candidate as the JUI-F’s contestant trails behind him in second place.
Baldiyati Election 2021 KPK Schedule | KPK Local Government By-election 2021
Total List of Districts of Local Election 2021 KPK
You can find the Local Election 2021 KPK list of districts given below:
District Peshawar: Total Voters: 19.18 LacDistrict Nowshera: Total Voters: 8.18 LacDistrict Mardan: Total Voters: 14.35 LacDistrict Swabi: Total Voters: 10.60 LacDistrict Charsadda: Total Voters: 10.6 LacDistrict Buner: Total Voters: 5.18 LacDistrict Haripur: Total Voters:District Dera Ismail Khan: Total Voters:District Tank: Total Voters: 2.17 LacDistrict Kohat: Total Voters: 6.26 LacDistrict Khyber: Total Voters: 5.99 LacDistrict Mohmand: Total Voters: 3.28 LacDistrict Bajour : Total Voters: 6.23 LacDistrict Bannu: Total Voters: 6.73 LacDistrict Lakki Marwat: Total Voters: 4.96 LacDistrict Hangu: Total Voters: 3.14 LacDistrict Karak: Total Voters: 4.74 Lac
Party Position – Live updates of Local Election 2021 KPK
PartySeatsPTI7JUIF4IND3ANP2PML-N1Local Election 2021 KPKPeshawar Local Body Election Result 2021
The result updates of the Peshawar District Local Body Election Result in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) you can check here.
The counting of votes in local government elections across 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is underway after the close of polling time at 5 pm, on a day that saw several incidents of violence break out.
Peshawar Local Body Election Result 2021
CandidatesVotesParty.Amin Jaan–IND.Arbab Zarak Khan1010PPP.Beharullah Khan159JI.Zubair Ali1905JUIF.Shoaib Khan–TIP.Shamshair Khan–IND.Shair Rehman1250ANP.Zia Ullah Afridi–IND.Amir Iqbal Khaleel–IND.Kafayatullah–IND.Muhammad Ibrahim–IND.Muhammad Anwar Khan–PRP.Muhammad Rizwan Bangash1593PTI.Muhammad Sadiq Ur Rehman Paracha–IND.Muhammad Tahir Shah–IND.Nadeem2IND.Naik Zada2PML-NLocal Election 2021 KPKNowshera Election Result 2021 – KPK Local body elections
The counting of votes in local government elections across 17 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is underway after the close of polling time at 5 pm, on a day that saw several incidents of violence break out.
Nowshera Election Local body Result 2021
CandidatesVotesParty.Ahad Khattak1586PPP.Hakim Ali Khel4060JUIF.Abdul Haq–PML-N.Muhammad Ishaq Khan Khattak5246PTI.Mian Babar Shah Kaka Khel84ANP.Nisar Ahmad Khattak–BPPLocal Election 2021 KPK Mardan Local Body Election Result 2021
CandidatesVotesParty.Asif Khan–IND.Asad Ali–PPP.Amanat Shah Haqani205JUIF.Anwar Shah Bacha–BPP.Jaleel Ul Mulk–IND.Hamayatullah Mayar939ANP.Syed Anayat Shah Bacha–PML-N.Zahir Shah–IND.Kaleemullah Khan–IND.Mushtaq Khan–JI.Lakhkar Khan197PTILocal Election 2021 KPK Sawabi Local body Election Result 2021
CandidatesVotesParty.Asif Iqbal–IND.Imtiaz Zaib–QWP.Hussain Khan–IND.Rub Nawaz92PML-N.Atta Ullah Khan–PTI.Muhammad Akmal Khan177ANP.Muhammad Ayaz–PAT.Malik Amanullah Khan146PPP.Noor Ul Islam468JUIFLocal Election 2021 KPK Charsadda Election Local body Result 2021
CandidatesVotesParty.Asif Kamal–QWP.Aftab Alam–PPP.Ishfaq Ahmad–JI.Taimoor Khattak11391ANP.Raza Ullah–PML-N.Zafar Khan1795PTI.Abdul Rauf12015JUIF.Wali Muhammad–INDLocal Election 2021 KPK Haripur Election Result 2021 – KPK Local body elections
CandidatesVotesParty.Akhtar Nawaz Khan1365PTI.Zulfiqar Ahmed–IND.Samiullah Khan3164IND.Syed Ahsan Ali Shah–IND.Sardar Haroon Rasheed385PML-N.Salah Muhammad Tanoli–JI.Omer Naseer Khan80JUIF.Imran Khan–TLP.Faiza Rasheed–QWP.Muhibullah Khan–INDLocal Election 2021 KPK Bannu Election Result 2021 – Local body
CandidatesVotesParty.Iqbal Jadoon Khan8235PTI.Inam Ullah Khan–IND.Taj Muhammad Khan–IND.Jaffar Shah–IND.Dar Malook Khan–IND.Shakeel Ahmed–PPP.Irfan Ullah Darani10036JUIF.Faheem Ullah Khan231ANP.Qadrat Ullah Khan–QWP.Muhammad Yaseen Khan92JI.Mashqoot Ali Shah–IND.Nadia Bibi62IND.Haroon Khan–PPMAPLocal Election 2021 KPK Kohat Election Result 2021
CandidatesVotesParty.Akbar Khan–JI.Salman Khan Shanwari2657PTI.Syed Mamoor Shah–IND.Shafiullah Jaan6676IND.Shair Zaman6192JUIF.Abdul Rauf98PPP.Abdul Salam–TE.Muhammad Shakir–PML-N.Muhammad Naseem–IND.Malik Muhammad Mansoor Khan–INDLocal Election 2021 KPK The JUI-F’s Sher Zaman is leading in the Kohat city mayor election while independent candidate Shafiullah trails behind him in second place. 
In Nowshera, the PTI seems to be heading towards another upset defeat as the ANP’s candidate Ghayyur Ali Khan seems to have won the election, as per unofficial results. 
On the other hand, the PTI has managed to win four out of six tehsils of Buner district. A PTI candidate has the lead in Buner’s Khudu Khel district as well while the JUI-F has extended its lead in all three tehsils of Charsadda. 
The Tehreek-e-Islah Pakistan has taken a lead in District Khyber while the PTI’s Ataullah Khan has been elected chairman tehsil council in District Swabi. 
Meanwhile, the JUI-F candidates are leading in District Mardan’s Takht Bai Tehsil, Katlang Tehsil and Rustam Tehsil. 
The ANP has a lead over its rivals in Mardan’s Tehsil Garhi Kapura, on the other hand.
PESHAWAR: In the first local government elections since the merger of tribal districts with Khyber Pakhtun­khwa, the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) appeared to be losing ground as Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F) was leading on many fronts, including the one for the coveted post of Peshawar mayor, unofficial, initial results of the 17 district polls showed in the early hours of Monday morning.
The first phase of local government polls, marked by scattered incidents of violence and attacks that claimed five lives and destroyed some polling stations, was held on Sunday after a gap of six years.
With the unofficial results of mayor/chairman of the 63 tehsil councils being in early stages, JUI-F candidates were ahead of their rivals as the PTI faced setbacks in parts of the province, where the Awami National Party (ANP) and Jamaat-i-Islami seemed to have regained strength. In Peshawar, according to initial, unofficial results, JUI-F candidates were leading in three of the seven councils, whereas the PTI and the ANP were ahead in two tehsils each.
The Election Commission of Pakistan, which set up 9,223 polling stations for 12.668 million registered voters, had to postpone the vote in some areas of the 17 districts due to disturbances, including a suicide blast in Bajaur, abduction of polling staff in Bannu, a clash in Karak and a mob attack on Minister Shibli Faraz’s vehicle in Kohat. However, owing to the decision of the ECP to hold the local government elections in two phases, overall arrangements were better than what had been witnessed during the 2015 polls.
Local Election 2021 KPK polls seem swinging away from PTI
In Swabi, the PTI faced a setback as provincial minister Shahram Tarakai’s uncle Baland Iqbal lost to ANP candidate Ghulam Haqqani in Razar Tehsil. JUI-F and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz were leading in Tehsil Topi and Lahor whereas results of Swabi tehsil were delayed for unknown reasons. The JUI-F was also leading in two of the three tehsils of Charsadda district. In Mardan, ANP’s candidate was far ahead of his rivals for the mayor seat, while JUI-F was leading in Katlang and Takhbai tehsils. Results from Garhi Kapura and Rustam tehsils of Mardan were awaited.
In Nowshera, the native town of Defence Minister Pervez Khattak, his son Ishaq Khattak, was leading in one tehsil and ANP’s candidates were ahead in two other tehsils. In Haripur, PML-N candidates were ahead of their rivals in Khanpur and Ghazi tehsils whereas an independent candidate was leading in Haripur tehsil.
In Khyber, the newly formed Tehreek-i-Islahat Pakistan party was leading in Landi Kotal and Jamrud tehsil, while JUI-F was ahead of its rivals in tehsil Bara. In Bajaur, JUI-F and JI were leading in Khar and Nawagai tehsils, respectively. Also, the JUI-F was leading in Upper Mohmand and Khaweezai tehsils whereas ANP was in the lead in the lower Mohmand tehsil. In Bannu, two tehsils were dominated by the PTI whereas JUI-F and an independent candidate were leading in each of the other two tehsil councils. In Dera Ismail Khan, PTI, JI, JUI-F and PPP candidates were leading one seat each in four tehsils, while an independent was ahead on the fifth tehsil. In Lakki Marwat, independent candidates were leading in two tehsils whereas the JI candidate was ahead in the third tehsil.
KPK local government election 2021
According to the ECP, a total of 2,032 candidates had already been elected unopposed on VCNC seats, including 217 general councillors, 876 women, 285 peasants, 500 youth and 154 minority seats, in the 17 districts of KP.
In all, 12.668 million voters — seven million male and five and a half million female — were registered for the polls in the 17 KP districts namely Buner, Bajaur, Swabi, Peshawar, Nowshera, Kohat, Karak, Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, Tank, Haripur, Khyber, Mohmand, Mardan, Charsadda, Hangu and Lakki Marwat. Of the erstwhile Federally Administered Tribal Areas, local government elections were held for the first time in Khyber, Mohmand and Bajaur districts.
In Bajaur’s Mamund tehsil, a suicide attack on a vehicle taking voters to a polling station left two ANP workers dead and five others wounded, District Police Officer Abdul Samad Khan said. The suicide bomber blew himself up near the vehicle in the Kamar Sar locality on Inayat Killey-Laghari road, close to the Afghan border, at around 12.40pm, the officer said.
In Kohat, federal Minister for Science and Information Technology Shibli Faraz who had arrived in Darra Adamkhel area to cast his vote came under attack during a protest against the merger of tribal areas with KP. The mob pelted the official vehicle of the minister with stones, injuring the driver, police said. The unruly mob also burned down polling stations in Jammu, Paya Jawaki, Shindhand and Ara Khel areas.
Local Election 2021 KPK Date
Holding black flags, the protesters raised slogans against the merger demanding restoration of previous status of the tribal areas.
While condemning the attack on the minister vehicle, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed ordered the KP chief secretary and the IGP to submit a report.
Also, the ECP postponed elections in Bakakhel tehsil of Bannu district, where unidentified men on the eve of polls abducted staff of five polling stations along with election material. A senior administration official told Dawn the ECP postponed the polling though the authorities managed to recover the abducted staff. The official said an FIR was registered and a three-member committee was formed to probe the incident and submit its report within a week.
In Faqirkhel area of Karak’s Takht Nasrti tehsil, poll-related violence left two people, cousins of PTI MNA Shahid Khattak, dead and three others critically wounded, officials said.
In Khyber district, polling was suspended in the remote Bazaar-Zakhakhel locality after a rocket exploded near a polling station. While no casualty was reported, local sources said, volunteers of the Bazaar-Zakhakhel peace committee using the incident as an excuse disrupted the polling by taking polling staff hostage for some time and destroying election material. They, however, later blamed one of the non-local candidates and his supporters responsible for the episode.
Anwarullah Khan in Bajaur, Abdul Sami Paracha in Kohat and Ibrahim Shinwari in Landi Kotal also contributed to this report.
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