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(New) MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC

MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 is shared by PMC on this page: PMC MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 and how to calculate merit, this is the page that will help you. Since it is mandatory for medical students to pass the MDCAT obtained by PMC, it is also necessary that they have good grades to gain admission into a public university.

PMC aggregate calculator prepares the merit list through which students can get admission in any institute. While preparing this list, scores including Inter, Matric, and PMC MDCAT scores are considered. There is some time left in the entrance test. So, before that, students can check by anticipating the marks they need to score for the exam.

MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC
  • High School Certificate or equivalent – – 10%
  • HSSC/FSc or equivalent – – 40%
  • PMC Admission Test 2022–50%

MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC

  • Entry test: 50% by weight
  • FSC marks: 40% weight
  • Seven Matric: Weight 10%

In particular, Mark’s general MCAT calculation is as follows:

  • Marks in HSSC/1100×50
  • Marks in the entrance test / 200 x 50
  • Add values ​​from HSSC and TEST results.

Specifically, there are the following steps for MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC Calculation:

  1. Marks in HSSC x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of HSSC
  2. Marks in the admission test x 1100 x 0.50 = 50% of the admission test
  3. 50% of HSSC + 50% of admission = total marks
  4. Total percentage = Total score x 100

By applying the aggregate formula:

  • 992/1050 x 1100 x 0.10 = 103.92 980/1100 x 1100 x 0.40 = 392970/1100 x 1100 x 0.50 = 485
  • Total marks = 103.92 + 392 + 485 = 980.92
  • Total percentage = 980.92 / 1100 x 100 = 89.1745

For foreign seats / dual nationals

Here is a guide for Pakistani expatriate students on how to calculate the aggregate.

O . level equivalency = 812/900 A-level equivalency = 925/1100 SAT II score = 2100/2400

812/900 x 1100 x 0.10 = 99.24 925/1100 x 1100 x 0.40 = 370 2100/2400 x 1100 x 0.50 = 481.25

group tags = 99.24 + 370 + 481.25 = 950.49

overall percentage = 950.49 / 1100 x 100 = 86.4081

MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC

after the test, PMC The merit list for MDCAT and BDS will be announced by the PMC. So what you have to do is to put the correct value in the right place and then after some steps you will be able to get the percentage by this total formula described by the officials of the Pakistan Medical Commission.

MDCAT 2022 Total Calculator

So there is no need to go anywhere else, just read this page to the end and get the complete information package. Moreover, check out MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC.

MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC

The student has 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) to complete the paper. The pass percentage of MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC Entry Test is 50% so all the candidates who will be able to get pass percentage for entry into the successful students but in this medical exam only getting pass marks is not enough because the seats in MBBS programs for medical colleges in Punjab are limited so only postgraduate students will be able to join and have to choose another program or have to join the private one.

Merit formula for MBBS 2022

All your entrance exams, average as well as MDCAT are taken into consideration in MDCAT Aggregate Formula 2022 by PMC where marks in the calculated formula will contain this percentage

National MDCAT Merit Calculator

This test is mandatory for gaining admission into MBBS or BDS. Now students can calculate the total formula of MDCAT with the help of the MDCAT total calculator 2022-23. Students can also learn how to calculate MBBS 2022 total using MBBS 2022 aggregate formula. Students can easily calculate their sum by pmc MDCAT total calculator which is given below.


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