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(Pakistan) 6th Class English Paper 2022 of All boards

(Pakistan) 6th Class English Paper 2022 of All boards pdf download with solved solution is available here.
6th Class English Paper 2022

NAME___________                         CLASS: 6TH                             SUBJECT: ENGLISH                        T. MARKS: 50
(Section A)
Q1: – Fill in the blanks to complete the close paragraph.
     I.        The civilization of __________ is almost 2500__________ old.
    II.        Taxila was _________by the Greek _________.
  III.        During the next__________ years become _________center of learning _________and art.
  IV.        It __________ into three ancient.
   V.        In Pakistan elections are to be held after every __________years.
  VI.        The president nominates the __________Pakistan.
VII.        The members of dash elect the president.
VIII.        In monarchy, all powers of the government are in the hands of the __________.
  IX.        All people have equal __________and __________.
   X.        The name of our prime minister___________.
Q2: – Fill in the blanks with suitable masculine or feminine nouns.
     I.        Once upon a time, was a queen and a _________.
    II.        They had two children, a girl and a __________.
  III.        The prince was eight and the __________ was five years old.
  IV.        The father and the __________loved them very much.
    V.        The kids were their heir and __________,
  VI.        The emperor and the __________ held a party at their palace.
 VII.        The host and the __________ welcomed their guests.
VIII.        They said, ladies and __________ welcome to the party”.
  IX.        The waiter and the __________ served the guests food and drinks.
Q3: – change the following sentences into the plural form.
     I.        There is a new boy my class.There is a __________ boy our__________.
    II.        A boy helped me find a taxi to go home.Two _________ helped us find ___________ to go home.
   III.        There is a table in Adnan’s room.There are ___________in Adnan’s room.
  IV.        Sara said that her leg was aching.Sara said that her __________ were aching.
    V.        A farmer has bought a tractor.The __________have bought __________.
  VI.        A leader should lead by example.__________ should lead by __________.
(Section B)
Q4: – Answer the following questions.
1)    Why hazrat Muhammad (saw) called Rahmatul lil Alameen?
2)    What do you feel when you see a child who cannot find anyone to play with?
3)    What is the main message of the poem “a nation strength”?
4)    Why is the doorway a safe place during an earthquake?
5)    What is the difference between democracy and monarchy?
6)    What is noun?
7)    Define verb?
8) What is Conjunction?
6th Class English Paper 2022 PDF Download

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