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Party Position in Punjab Assembly Pakistan

Party Position in Punjab Assembly Pakistan 2018, 2021, and 2022 is available on this Page.
Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz: 127Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf: 122Independents: 29Pakistan Muslim League Quaid: 07Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarians: 06Balochistan Awami Party: 01Pakistan Muslim League-Functional: 01Pakistan Awami Raj: 01PTI Government Party Position in Punjab Assembly
Party Position in Punjab Assembly Pakistan

Opposition PMLN PPP Party Position in Punjab Assembly

The total number of seats in the Punjab Assembly?
371 is the Total number of Seats in the Punjab Assembly

Punjab Assembly Election Result 2018 – Provincial Assembly of Punjab is established under the provisions of Article 139, to run the business of the Punjab government. It is a constitutional body and under Article 127, the Punjab Assembly has a separate Secretariat.
Punjab constituencies are of significant importance in Elections 2018. Major constituencies like PP-144 PP-145 PP-160 PP-161 PP-164 PP-165 PP-166 PP-167 PP-168 PP-169 PP-170 PP-171 are of high importance considering the formation of government.
Functions of Punjab Assembly
There are three main functions of the Punjab Assembly, in addition to making and unmaking the Provincial Government. This includes legislation, supervision of the government, and financial accountability. Under the legislation, Punjab Assembly has the authority to make laws for the province related to criminal laws & procedures, and any law that does not come under the Federal Legislative. It, however, cannot make laws that are violating Shariah laws and Holy Quran & Sunnah. Moreover, it cannot formulate any law which is against any provision of the constitution or violates any fundamental rights.
Punjab Assembly is also authorized to manage the functionality of the provincial government. They have to gather necessary information about the functionality of government departments. They can even give their recommendations on various issues related to the general public. The Punjab Assembly also practices its control over the financials of the Government in two ways. They can consider and approve the budget, and consideration of the Reports of the Auditor General of Pakistan by Public Accounts Committees.

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