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Prize bond list 100 online check 2022 Rawalpindi November 15 2022

Lottery poll #40 has taken place in the city of Rawalpindi on 15th November 2022, Tuesday. The State Bank of Pakistan has presented the results list of the Rs 100 Prize Bond 2022 held on 15-11-2022, in Rawalpindi. State Bank 3 Awards are always announced only to the winners by the National Savings Representative. According to the National Savings Representative, the value of the first prize bond is PKR Rs. 700,000 is awarded to one winner only. The second prize of Rs 100 award bonds 2022 is PKR Rs. 200,000, which is awarded to three lucky winners. The third and final prize of a prize bond of Rs 100 is PKR Rs. 1,000. This award is given to 1199 participants for Rs 1000 each.

Prize Bond List 100 Check Online 2022 Rawalpindi 15th November 2022

Here, we are presenting the result of the Prize Bond Rs draw. 100. So, for general convenience, draw the number 40 Bond Rs. List of 100 Results 2022 is uploaded here. You can check the result of the draw from this page and get a prize if you win any prize.

Draw #40 – Rs. 100/- 15th November 2022

Bond Worth city Date First prize Second prize Third prize
100 rupees Rawalpindi 11-15-2022 700,000 Pakistani Rupees 200,000 Pakistani Rupees 1,000 Pakistani Rupees

First prize number [One (1) winner]


First prize number (three)3) winner)

248043 – 667917 – 629440

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Check here the full list below;

How to Check 1500 List of All Draws 2022


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