PTI Jalsa Schedule May 2022

Imran Khan PTI Jalsa Schedule May 2022 Complete details are share on this Preparation Point Page. Imran Khan, Chairman of the PTI and ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, announced a busy schedule of public rallies across Punjab before the PTI’s lengthy march to Islamabad.
Imran Khan has recently called for a long march to Islamabad, intending to bring 2 million people with him. The exact date will have to be revealed. He wants to perform standing in Islamabad until new elections occur.

Imran Khan PTI Jalsa Schedule May 2022 stated in a recent video that the PTI would issue a march appeal to Islamabad during the last week. To motivate people, he has scheduled a frantic program of public gatherings in six cities of Punjab immediately following Eid-ul-Fitr.
Imran Khan will begin the gatherings on May 6 at Mianwali. It should be mentioned that, after Eid, the PML-N scheduled its gatherings, which would be conducted by the party’s Maryam Nawaz, as well as the gathering schedule.
PTI’s Imran Khan Jalsa Schedule After Eid ul Fir 2022
Mianwali City on 6th May 2022Jhelum City on 10th May 2022Attock City on 12th May 2022Sialkot City on 14th May 2022Faisalabad City on 15th May 2022Chakwal City on 19 May 2022PTI has declared huge rallies in six cities when Eid that party chairman Imran Khan can address.
Chairman PTI Imran Khan has announced rallies in half-dozen cities after Eid which he will address and take a look at to steer an oversized variety of individuals to participate within the capital of Pakistan March by lightness the PTI statement. can
Complete PTI Jalsa Schedule May 2022
Additionally Read: PR Campaign Schedule for Maryam Nawaz’s conferences free after EidImran Khan will begin the rallies on might 6 reception Ground Mianwali, on might ten in Jhelum, on might twelve in Attock, on might fourteen in Sialkot, on might fifteen in Faisalabad, and on might nineteen in Chakwal.
It ought to be noted that when Eid, PML-N has additionally declared its conferences, which is able to be self-addressed by the party’s vp Maryam Nawaz, whereas the schedule of meetings has also been released.

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