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Punjab Budget 2021-22 Salary Increase 35% (izafa) chart

In the Punjab Assembly, the Punjab Budget 2021-22 has presented on Monday June 14, 2021 by the Punjab Finance Minister Makhdoom Hashim Jawan Bakht. For the first time, the Punjab government was created a major increase in development funds and record funds for the social sectors. A Finance Minister said in the budget announcement that “This is a greatest budget for Punjab in the history of Province”. This Budget 2021-22 was approved by the Punjab Cabinet.

The Punjab government has given PKR Rs 2400 billion for the fiscal year 2021-22 along with an Annual Development Program (ADP) Rs 480 billion. They have also presented Rs 550 billion for development program and Rs 80 billion for South Punjab Development Program. This budget was really public friendly and facilitated for business community. The Punjab budget 2021-22 also announced to give a special package for industrialists.

Punjab Budget 2021-22 Salary Increase

The Punjab budget 2021-22 was also beneficial for the provincial employees who want to increase in their salaries and pensions. The complete outlay of provincial budget is increased by more than 18% while 66% increment has occurred in the development budget by the comparison of current fiscal year.

Salary and Pension Increment in Punjab Budget 2021-22:

In the provincial budget 2021-22, the Punjab government has presented to provide 10% increment in provincial employees salaries and pensions.

In the provincial budget 2021-22, a finance minister has presented the salary and pension increment for the government employees.

  • The salary has increased by 10% for all the Punjab government employees
  • He also said that more than 7 Lac 21,000 government employees from BPS-01 to BPS-19 grade scale, who do not get any additional allowance before, now will receive 25% increment with the help of special allowance (disparity reduction allowance Punjab government).
  • So, the total increment has become 35% in Punjab government employee’s salaries for BPS-1 to BPS-19 scale
  • The Punjab government employees pensions has also increased by 10%

He said that the government are working to introduce make basic changes in retire employee’s pensions. The finance minister has also highlighted on the decision to increase the workers wages minimum of Rs 17,500 to Rs 20,000.

A finance minister has given Rs 28 billion for transport project, Rs 18.86 billion for governance & IT sector, Rs 12.88 billion for the energy projects, and Rs 32 billion for the projects of urban development in the provincial budget 2021-22. He said that this is a tax free budget.

Pay Scale Basic Pay 10% and DRA 25%
BPS-01 9130 3195
BPS-02 9310 3258
BPS-03 9610 3363
BPS-04 9900 3465
BPS-05 10260 3591
BPS-06 10620 3717
BPS-07 10990 3846
BPS-08 11380 3983
BPS-09 11770 4119
BPS-10 12160 4256
BPS-11 12570 4399
BPS-12 13320 4662
BPS-13 14260 4991
BPS-14 15180 5313
BPS-15 16120 5642
BPS-16 18910 6618
BPS-17 30370 10629
BPS-18 38350 13422

your current salary increase chart

Current Basic Salary + 10% and DRA 25% = Total net pay gross

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