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[Real or Fake] Econex Company Online Earning in Pakistan 2022

 Econex Pakistan is a project in which you can earn from Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 per day from home. Now a question arises whether Econex Company Online Earning in Pakistan 2022 is real or Fake. Let’s try to answer this question with proof.

Commission of Econex Company Online Earning in Pakistan

 Econex gives you 30% direct commission and 21% indirect commission.

  • You only have to advise two people.  And only two people have to join. To join this you have to get a product of three thousand rupees for your health in life. And the company will give you free joining.
  • The two people you have joined are the two people.  From 1900 to now, no matter how many times they join, you will get five hundred with every two joinings. Such a simple system you have never seen before. In ten minutes the money comes into your account and you can withdraw your all amounts.

What is Econex?

On July 7, 2019, Ibrahim Khili founded the ECONEX Company

Office# 14/b,2nd floor, Alladin plaza,6 Road RWP Pakistan

Econex is real or fake?

ECONEX is 100% Real . we are working on Econex Alhamdulillah life-changing platform. Thank you. sir Ibrahim Khilji for creating a real platform. if You Don’t have any work so u have to do your own business. if you want to change your life and do your own business. So I will recommend you to Join ECONEX.

Legal Status of Econex Company :

econex legal status

Econex Mission

Our vision of Econex and broadened business family lies in the ideas of hard work and self-assurance.

Teamwork is the main and foremost pillar of this company.

Econex will promote Local Brands of Pakistan To the entire World.

Econex work on which concept?

Econex is working on 2 concepts.


➤1. Network Marketing

➤2. Social Media Marketing 

➤3. SMS & E-mail Markerting 

➤4. Peer-to-Peer Marketing

➤5. Event Marketing 


➤1.Products Brand

➤2.Business Brand

➤3.Online product Register

 What is Econex products?

Moringa powder:

Moringa powder

> Our body needs 10 types of proteins yet just 15 of them are created by our body we want 3 of them from outside.

> Moringa provides 18 types of proteins.

Moringa Tea:

moringa tea

➤Speed up weight loss.

➤.Reduces Breathing problems.

➤.Reduces High Blood Pressure.

➤Reduces the risk of heart disease.

➤Boosts Immune System.

Pure Ghee:

pure ghee

➤Zero Phosphate and nitrate no utilization of manure for or any synthetic fixings being used of our source.

➤No artificial pregnancy.

➤No use of milk booster.

➤If the source is good product will be best.

Econex Future products?

Econex marketing plan:

Econex has four packages plans.

  • Eco – personal
  • Eco – professional
  • Eco – Elite
  • Eco – Master

Eco – Personal

➤ Package                        3,000/pkr

➤  Right Direct Bouns          700/pkr

➤ Left Direct Bouns            700/pkr

➤ BinaryBouns                 500/pkr

➤ Total Bouns                1,900/pkr

➤ Business Volume         23BV

➤ Coupon Cash             9,000/pkr

➤ Products:                   available

Eco – Professional

➤ Package                     7,000/pkr

➤ Right Direct Bouns      1,400/pkr

➤ Left Direct Bouns       1,400/pkr

➤ BinaryBouns              1,000/pkr

➤ Total Bouns                3,800/pkr

➤ Business Volume        46BV

➤ Coupon Cash                25,000/pkr

➤ Products:                    available

Eco – Elite

➤ Package                      12,000/pkr

➤ Right Direct Bouns      2,070/pkr

➤ Left Direct Bouns       2,070/pkr

➤ BinaryBouns             1,450/pkr

➤ Total Bouns                5,600/pkr

➤ Business Volume        69BV

➤ Coupon Cash                40,000/pkr

➤ Products:                    available

Eco – Master 

➤ Package                     17,000/pkr

➤ Right Direct Bouns     2,760/pkr

➤ Left Direct Bouns       2,760/pkr

➤ BinaryBouns              1,950/pkr

➤ Total Bouns                7,550/pkr

➤ Business Volume        92BV

➤ Coupon Cash                71,000/pkr

➤ Products:                    available

Econex Ranks Rewards

Econex 8 Ranks Rewards:

1) Bronze

Matching BVs     460 BVs

Rank Reward      3,000/Rs

2) Silver

Matching BVs    920 BVs

Rank Reward      6,000/Rs

3) Gold

Matching BVs     2,300 BVs

Rank Reward     15,000/Rs

4) Platinum

Matching BVs    6,900 BVs

Rank Reward      50,000/Rs

5) Ambassador

Matching BVs     9200 BVs

Rank Reward     1,20,000/Rs

6) Global Ambassador

Matching BVs     32,000 BVs

Rank Reward      2,00,000/Rs

7) Crown Ambassador

Matching BVs     92,000 BVs

Rank Reward     7,00,000/Rs

8) Royal Crown Ambassador

Matching BVs    4,60,000 BVs

 Rank Reward      24,00,000/Rs

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