Tuesday , September 28 2021

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NEST is a  refillable self-dispensing toothbrush that allows you to take care of your oral hygiene even on the go.
We’ve moved on from inkwells and quills to ballpoint pens a long while ago.
So it is time to do the same with our toothbrushes. NEST brush is a self-contained toothbrush that comes in a sleek case perfect for traveling.
NEST brush features a refillable handle that you can fill with your favorite toothpaste. To dispense it, push the button on the silicone handle. You’ll get the perfectly sized drop of toothpaste on top of the food-grade silicone bristles.

Yes, the toothbrush also features silicone bristles that can gently take care of your enamel protecting it from damage.

To prevent the spread of bacteria, the toothbrush stand has 2 built-in UV-C lights that can sterilize your toothbrush when not in use.

Fill the toothbrush, pop it in the included case and take it with you anywhere. No matter the circumstances, you can keep your teeth clean and free of any stuck pieces of spinach.

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Refillable Self-Dispensing Toothbrush

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