Friday , September 24 2021

Seaduction Floats: Floating Cabana Chairs

Allow these Floating Cabana Chairs to seduce you into the best relaxation time of your life.
With these Seaduction Floats, you can be lulled to sleep, surrounded by comfort, sun, and sea breeze.
This cabana features two floating recliner seats, a huge canopy, and an umbrella.
To top it all of, the Seaduction Float also has a built-in cooler and dry storage area  – fit for throwing a feast while bobbing on waves.

Depending on your preferences, you can customize the position of the recliners, canopy, and umbrella.

You can lounge in complete shade while sitting upright or fold the canopy and umbrella, lay down flat, and let your skin catch some suntan.

These floats are perfect for lounging in shallow waters, whether it’s in a seaside hotel or in a private swimming space.

These will completely redefine beachside relaxation for you.

Seaduction Floats: Floating Cabana Chairs

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