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Software Engineer Salary in Pakistan 2021 Per Month

Software Engineer Salary in Pakistan 2021

A person who works as a Software Engineer in Pakistan approximately salary receives PKR 73,500 in a month. The monthly salary range of a software engineer is from PKR 35,300 as a lowest salary to PKR 115,000 as a highest one in Pakistan. This salary range is the average monthly payment that also includes housing, transport, and other additional benefits. A Software Engineer receives annual average salary of PKR 749,294. Software Engineers monthly payment base on their skills, experience, gender, or geographic area.

Software Engineer Salary in Pakistan per month

Here we provide a complete detail of software engineer monthly payment by the skills, experience, gender, or location distribution.

Software Engineer Salary Base on Experience Level;

The experience level is an essential terminology in finding the monthly salary of every degree holder. If a degree holder has high experience will earn more per month. Here we break down the monthly salary of Software Engineer that basis on his/her experience.

A Software Engineer who has less than of 2 years of experience typically earns PKR 41,300 in a month. Another software engineer whose experience level is between 2 to 5 years approximately makes PKR 58,500 in a month and earns 42% more than 2 years of experience employee.

Moreover, with the 5 to 10 years of experience, they earn PKR 76,900 in a month with 31% increment than someone who has 2 to 5 years of experience.

Experience Level Increment Percentage Per Month Salary
0 to 2 years PKR 41,300
2 to 5 years Plus 42% PKR 58,500
5 to 10 years Plus 31% PKR 76,900
10 to 15 years Plus 23% PKR 94,500
15 to 20 years Plus 6% PKR 101,000
 20 Plus years Plus 10% PKR 110,000

Software Engineer Salary Base on Education;

Education is another essential term to distribute employee’s salary. As we know, if you have higher education will earn more. Here we distribute Software Engineer monthly salary according to their education.

A person who gets a simple Certificate or Diploma in Soft Engineering, the average monthly salary becomes PKR 51,300 in a month. Another who has a Bachelor’s Degree in soft engineering makes PKR 81,700 per month with 59% increment than who has just Certificate or Diploma.

In last, with a Master’s Degree, they earn average salary of PKR 109,000 per month with 33% increment than someone who has Bachelor Degree.

Educational Level Percentage Per Month Salary
Certificate or Diploma in Software Engineering PKR 51,300
Bachelor’s Degree Plus 59% PKR 81,700
Master’s Degree Plus 33% PKR 109,000

Software Engineer Salary Base on Gender;

Software Engineer monthly payment also a gender base like male or female. On average base, male Software Engineer earns 10% more than female employees in Pakistan.

Gender Percentage Per Month Salary
Male PKR 78,500
Female Minus 9% PKR 71,300

Software Engineering bonus amount in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Software Engineer also gets a benefit of Bonus and Incentives amount. According to survey, 47% employees said that they have not get bonuses or any incentives amount in the last year. Instead of this, 53% employees said that they have got one form of monetary bonus.

The bonus range is from 3% to 6% that is given to 53% Software Engineer employees.

Survey Percentage
Bonus or Incentive Received 53%
No Bonus Received 47%

In Pakistan, Software Engineer(s) salary increases around 12% every 19 months. Every 19 months, the national average of the salary increment for all professions is 8% that granted to employees.

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