Wednesday , December 1 2021

Stargazer Double Wall Glamping Bell Tents

For the ultimate glamping experience turn to these “Stargazer” Double Wall Glamping Bell Tents.
With an easy setup, heavy-duty materials, and a skylight this tent will be your go-to relaxation spot.
The hint to this tent’s most distinctive feature lies in its name. Yes, the “Stargazer” features a 12-panel clear roof that is perfect for stargazing on a summer night.
As a whole, the tent was designed with harsher elements in mind. It features heavy-duty, waterproof, ripstop PVC, rebar stakes, and reflective ropes.

The 66″ tall A-frame entrance features secondary bug-netted doors that are properly sewed-in. So you can close them on a warm day to keep the bugs away from your abode.

The best news is that despite its large size that tent is really easy to set up. It should take you around 15 minutes and then you can enjoy a good rest and some stargazing inside your brand new tent.

Check it out Here.

Stargazer Double Wall Glamping Bell Tents

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