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Today English paper class 10 gujranwala board

Today here 11 may 2022 Matric 10th class english Objective Complete Solved (result) gujranwala board Annual Paper 2022 First Group & Second Group 10th English paper 2022. answer key solutaion

English paper class 10 gujranwala board

(To be filled in by the candidate) (Academic Sessions 2018-2020 to 2020-2022 ) ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) 022- (10″ CLASS)

Time Allowed : 20 Minutes
PAPER Objective Type
Maximum Marks : 19
Result July/Auguest 2022

Solved past papers 10th class gujranwala board

Choose the correct form of verb and fill up the bubbles

  1. 1. I ___ for hours when my cyes began to hurt.

(A) was reading (B) am reading (C) had been reading (D) have been reading

2. What were you doing when i __ You last nignt ?

(A) call (B) calling (C) calls (D) called

3. She _____ for London tomorrow

(A) will leaving (B) is leaving (C) leave (D) left

4. She said that she _ clouds.

(A) like
(B) likes
(C) will like
(D) liked

5. If you had been late, you ___ the train.

(A) Would miss (B) will have missed (C) would have missed (D) will miss

Choose the word with correct spellings from the options and ill up the bubbles:

6. (A) priorty (B) proirity (C) priority (D) preority

7. (A) preceeding (B) proceding (C) proceiding (D) preceding

8. (A) guidence (B) guidance (C) guideness (D) guiadance

9. (A) cisure (B) liesure (C) liesur (D) leisur

Choose the correct option and fill up the bubbles:

10. The antonym of the word “equitable” is

(A) just (B) cqual (C) unfair (D) handsome

11. The synonym of the word “motivation” is

(A) determination (B) inspiration (C) stagnation (D) recitation

12. The antonym of the word “dynamie” is

(A) lazy (B) Bctive
(C) ugly (D) bright

  1. 13. The meaning of the word intercede is ___.

(B) defeat (A) suppot (C) win (D) interfere

  1. 14. The meaning of the word “bumpy” is

(A) rough (B) soft (C) fine (D) pretty

Choose the correct option

15. Is there anything that I can do? The underlined word is/a __ pronoun.

(A) indefinite (B) relative (C) reflexive (D) demonstrative

16. I expect to improve my English. The underlined word is a/an ___

(A) gerund (B) infinitive (C) transitive verb (D) intransitive verb

17. As a young trader he earned reputation. The underlined phrase is an ___ phrase.

(A) noun (B) adjective (C) adverb (D) gerund

18. The umbrella, which has a broken handle is mine. The underlined clause is ___ clause

(A) noun (B) adjective (C) adverb (D) independent

19. He decided all his cases on merit. The underlined word is a/an ___ noun

(A) concrete (B) abstract (C) collective (D) proper

English paper class 10 gujranwala board

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today English paper class 10 gujranwala board

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