Sunday , October 24 2021

Transforming Sofa Bunk Bed Sleeps 3

When living in a small space, you need to be creative with your choices of furniture. Because the right piece can give you a lot more versatility than you might have expected.
Like this Transforming Sofa that sleeps 3 people and not in the way you expected.
This comfy sofa transforms into a full-fledged bunk bed with an additional single bed.
The transformation itself takes around a minute. It is a smooth and intuitive process that won’t give you much trouble when it is time to prepare for bed.

If you or your guests want to share the bed with their significant other, you can push the single bed against the bottom of the bunk bed. This will give you a spacious bed that is enough to sleep 2 people.

This ingenious piece of furniture is made by an Italian-based company called Expand Furniture. They specialize in cleverly designed transforming furniture that every small-space dweller needs in their life.

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