Tuesday , September 28 2021

Turkish Mosaic Table Lamps – Awesome Stuff 365

Add a fantastic accent piece to your room with these Turkish Mosaic Table Lamps.
Crafted by hand and dispatched from Turkey, each of these lamps is a truly unique piece of interior décor.
Each lamp measures 50 cm high (19.6”). The base is crafted out of metal with a metal pipe curving upwards and housing a real star of the show.
The lamp itself is meticulously assembled out of small pieces of glass in a mosaic pattern.

The mosaic lamp globe measures 18cm (7.48”). You can choose one of ten unique mosaic designs. When the light is on, the mosaic globe casts incredible light patterns onto nearby surfaces.

This creates a special kind of ambiance in the room.

These lamps are beautiful, versatile and can make any room in the house ‘pop’. A lamp like this can provide you with mood lighting on a nightstand as well as make your next dinner party more exciting with its vibrant colors.

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Turkish Mosaic Table Lamps

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