Tuesday , January 31 2023

[Updated] BS- 07 ICT Police Constable Salary Islamabad 2022

What is the new BS- 07 ICT Police Constable Salary Islamabad 2022? We answer that question now on this page. As per the new updated salary slip data of Rs. 16,310 and the maximum basic wage and salary is Rs. 43,610 and they get an annual increment of Rs 910 each year for ICT Police salary in Islamabad.

Capital Region Police Islamabad Rank and Salary in Pakistan 2023

On this page, detailed information about Islamabad Police ranks and salaries.

A policeman from Islamabad Police is getting in 49,741 rupees [Starting] The monthly salary which is equivalent to the Police Inspectors of the District Police. However, a Police Inspector in Islamabad earns 105,000 rupees per month, which is higher than the salary of a DIG rank in the District Police who earns 98,000 rupees per month. Islamabad Metropolitan Police Rank and Salary

mattresses policemanAnd the Chief Constable The Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) has been upgraded from BPS 5, 7 and 9 to 7, 9 and 11, respectively. In Latest Government ICT Jobs 2022

BS- 07 ICT Policeman Salary Islamabad 2022

Islamabad Police Salary and Scale

mattresses abbreviations grades a wage
Station House Officer/Police Inspector SHO BS16 115,000+
Sub-inspector SI BS14 105,000+
Sub Inspector Assistant asi BS11 95,000+
Chief Constable HC BS09 85,000+
policeman BS07 49,740+


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