Friday , January 27 2023

What is the Salary of Sub Inspector in Pakistan in 2022?

What is the salary of a sub inspector in Pakistan in 2022? Punjab Police Inspector Salary in Pakistan 2022 Pay Scale Pay Scale BS 14 Min is 22,530 with 1,740 increments and 74,730 max on hand should be explained here on this page.

What is the salary of Assistant Inspector in Pakistan Police 2022?

Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan Police Sub Inspector Salary in Pakistan 2022 Pay Scale Pay Grade BS 14 Min. It is the page that can make you aware of every aspect of the job description.

What is the highest salary for an assistant inspector in Pakistan?

Police Sub Inspector salary in Pakistan 2022 ranges from Rs 22,530 to rupee 45,000 with an average annual salary of Rs 540,000


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