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What is WhatsApp Business and What is this Application for?

Learn about WhatsApp Business and how you can take advantage of it to boost your business.

Communication with the client is the key to success for any company. And now that we live in the digital age, it can be much more effective. Surely you have already heard about WhatsApp, however, do you know what WhatsApp Business is?

If you don’t know, don’t worry! In this post you will find everything you need to know about this tool.

We have put together a series of tips and information that are essential for you to get started, take advantage of your full potential and sell on WhatsApp.

Was your curiosity piqued? Stay with us!


Discovering what WhatsApp Business is: get to know this tool better

You probably know WhatsApp very well.

Since its arrival, WhatsApp has become increasingly popular with children, youth and adults – there are people who say they cannot live without it.

All this success is the result of the combination of some factors:

The high price of sending SMS,

The advancement of smartphones and

Increased access to the internet.

As a result, the instant messaging platform is already a leader in the ranking of the most used applications around the world.


But, after all, what is WhatsApp Business?

Despite being a real hit with users, the common app had some limitations for those using it for commercial purposes.

For this reason, after doing several studies and market analysis, the developers launched WhatsApp Business, a true tool to support the entrepreneur. In other words, totally designed for commercial use, in fact WhatsApp Business is an application that is basically aimed at small businesses.

The interesting thing is that this resource is still 100% free and has several features that facilitate contact with the consumer and improve sales management.


What are the main functions of WhatsApp for business?

If you still use your personal WhatsApp to communicate with your customers, you are missing a great opportunity to improve your communication and the relationship with your audience.

This resource is new, so many entrepreneurs still do not know it well. But, after reading this post, you will have no more apologies for not migrating your account – we will teach you how to do it in the following topics.

So that you have no doubts, we have prepared a video for you to learn how to use the main functions of WhatsApp Business step by step.

And in case you want to know more about this extraordinary application, we will complement the information provided above and summarize some other functions that could be very useful.

Discover them!


1. More complete business profile

Using WhatsApp Business, you can make your profile information much more complete.

In addition to showing the customer that the account belongs to a business, you can add other information such as:

  • Company name;
  • Official website;
  • Address;
  • Performance segment;
  • Hours of operation.

Keep in mind that this functionality is not available in the common account, but it is of great importance for a business, since it gives credibility and increases consumer confidence when negotiating and buying through the application.

WhatsApp Business


2. Use of labels


Another interesting and completely free feature for users of this tool are the labels.

But what is that?

In short, tags allow you to classify conversations and contacts so that you can manage them more easily.

It is important to mention that you can create them according to your needs. But it is also good that you know that WhatsApp Business already comes with some ready templates such as:

  • New client;
  • New order;
  • Pending payment;
  • Payment;
  • Order completed.

Did you see how interesting it is?

This feature gives you a quicker view of the state of the conversation, prevents you from forgetting the customer – something that can be fatal to your market image – and allows you to give them the attention they need.

WhatsApp Business Label chat


3. Automated submission of responses

One of the advantages of social media tools is their availability.

The profile and the communication channel are active 24 hours a day and this is very convenient for those who buy, right?

Obviously, you cannot always respond to the consumer on the spot, because they may have sent the message on the weekend, outside of business hours and even at a time when you are busy with other responsibilities.

With that in mind, WhatsApp Business created the automated responses.

You can edit a message, which is sent automatically every time a conversation starts, ensuring that the customer never runs out of responses.


Here are some interesting examples:

“We are very happy about your contact. We will answer your questions soon! ”;

“Welcome to our communication channel. We are already working to assist you! ”

“Hello! Thanks for your contact. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. We will answer your questions soon! ”


4. Access to reports and metrics.

One of the premises to be successful in any business is to act strategically and make the most of the data you have at your disposal.

The use of sales metrics, for example, makes business management more efficient and facilitates decision-making.

The good news is that WhatsApp Business brings essential reports and performance indicators for your growth.

In the settings, you can consult various statistics and, through them, improve your communication with the public. For example, you can see:

  • Number of messages sent;
  • Number of messages received;
  • Number of messages read;
  • Number of messages answered.


5. Retrieval of chat history

The last function that we present to you is very important.

When you decide to install WhatsApp Business, you don’t have to worry about archived conversations, because you won’t lose them.

The tool identifies that you already use the application and suggests that you migrate. Thus, you just have to accept and wait for the application to complete the entire procedure.

Remember that, if you prefer, you can keep your personal profile and use a commercial one on the same device. But, you will have to register a different number in the commercial version.


6. Use of WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a way in which you can access WhatsApp from a browser, and from various devices, it can be a computer or computer, tablet or even from a mobile device.

Among the many benefits that WhatsApp Web offers we can mention: the download of files directly to the PC, reception of messages on the device in which you use it, and greater maneuverability in activities such as sending documents, files and links


7. Product catalog display

Among the new functionalities that WhatsApp Business has given us, are the product catalogs, similar to what already exists on Instagram or Facebook.

Product catalogs seek to function as a product showcase, thus helping businesses that do not have their own website.

In fact, small and medium businesses can add products or services with relevant content such as price, availability and a detailed description of those products, which will undoubtedly accelerate the sales of those who use this functionality.

Benefits of using WhatsApp Business


Now that you know the elements that distinguish WhatsApp Business from the tool for personal use, would you like to better understand the benefits that your business can enjoy by investing in WhatsApp Business?

All we said above are additional arguments, which we offer you so that you can bet on a professional resource and leave your personal account in the application just to manage your friends list.

As you well know, a satisfied customer is the lifeblood of a successful business. So don’t waste time and discover what you can win!


Improve communication with the customer

Without a doubt, one of the strengths of WhatsApp Business is that it improves communication with the customer.

In a highly competitive market, this can be decisive for the growth of a business.

By providing this service channel, you offer your audience a quick, simple and effective option to dispel doubts, check prices, request support and, of course, complete the purchase.

According to the survey Hoot suite, the WhatsApp is the application of instant messaging most used in the world. Around 67% of the population has a smartphone and spends more than 9 hours a day on the internet. In other words, the app is already in the hands of the public.

With this, there is no doubt that your business can grow a lot with this communication tool. At the end of the day, you will be able to approach your audience efficiently and for free.


Increase customer satisfaction rates

Several factors contribute to customer satisfaction, but effective and assertive communication deserves to be highlighted. Because nobody likes to wait indefinitely for an answer.

With this functionality of the application, you prevent your audience from feeling forgotten and not receiving a response to their messages. With WhatsApp Business, everyone receives the proper attention and the customer’s journey becomes much healthier and smoother.

It is important to bear in mind that being available in an easily accessible channel and ensuring that messages are answered in a timely manner will help you to strengthen the bond with your audience, which has a positive impact on your sales.


It gives more credibility to the business

The advent of the internet has meant great strides for the business world. But, at the same time, it can generate insecurity in the consumer, especially when buying online.

Entrepreneurs must strive to overcome this barrier and make it clear to the customer that the environment is safe and that it is a serious and competent business.

In this sense, the use of WhatsApp Business gives more credibility to your account, since it will identify it as commercial.

At the beginning of the conversation, the following warning appears: “you are talking to a business account”. This reassures the consumer – that they will know who they are talking to – and, at the same time, gives you a more professional image.


Allows direct sale of products

As it is a legitimate and verified channel to talk about business, WhatsApp Business allows the direct sale of products in a much safer and faster way.

The negotiation of prices, terms of payment and delivery of the merchandise can be carried out through messages, without the customer having to travel. This increases sales and generates economy for the business.

Direct selling is based on relationship and this tool provides ease of communication, agility and practicality in contact with the public.

The result of this is a much more dynamic and productive purchasing process.


It favors the personalization of care

Have you already thought about sending promotions or communicating to your client the launch of a new product?

Here are some of the service customization opportunities offered by this feature.

You will be able to forward personalized messages, warnings, trends, news and information to your consumers, combining the best of human interaction with innovative technology.


How to use WhatsApp Business in your business?

Selling well is the wish of any liberal entrepreneur or professional. At the end of the day, it is from this process that the income necessary to keep the company running.

Without sales there is no business that survives. Therefore, you have to be smart and bet on all the resources at your disposal, right?

As we have shown you, WhatsApp is already a widely used tool in the world. The number of people downloading and investing in this resource to communicate with friends, family, co-workers and organizations is large.

Find out now how to use this application for your business and increase your sales!


Create your business account

Do you want to make money with WhatsApp? Then you need to create your business account.

As we’ve already seen, this tool has a number of great features to help you better manage your relationship with customers.

The common account should only be used for personal matters as it lacks professional resources and can leave the customer insecure.

Also, WhatsApp Business is completely free – you have nothing to lose!


Set up a welcome message

The next suggestion to increase your sales with this application is to create a very attractive welcome message.

Be friendly, enthusiastic, and happy to receive the message.

It is important that this first contact generates empathy and prepares the customer to continue on the purchase journey.


Invite your contacts to a broadcast list

Have you already heard of broadcast listings?

This is an interesting feature of WhatsApp that allows you to send the same message to multiple contacts at the same time.

In practice, you don’t have to write and send an offer, for example, to every single customer on your list. You only have to edit it once and everyone will receive the news at the same time.

Given this convenience, it is important to encourage and invite clients to join this group. Highlight the benefits this will bring them and tell them about the exclusive offers first hand.


Send promotions and news often

With an application so useful and simple to use, there is no reason for you to stop. It is essential that you strengthen your bond with consumers and that you send them suggestions, news and offers frequently.

But beware! Be careful not to overdo and oversaturate your audience with messages. Submitted content must be relevant and have common sense.

Similar to emails, sending a lot of WhatsApp messages can tire the customer and discourage them from joining your broadcast lists – just the opposite of what you want!


Do not delay in answering the messages

It is important to note that you have to reply to incoming messages. Otherwise, your client will be frustrated and the relationship with your company will suffer.

If you cannot manage this communication channel alone, assign it to a collaborator.

Ideally, no one waits for a response for more than a day. Remember that your agility is decisive to obtain good results.


Step by step to use WhatsApp Business

What is the secret to professional success?

There is no magic formula for this, but in the context of the current market, we can say that some elements are essential, such as personal marketing, an innovative spirit, focus on the client and the use of the resources at your disposal.

Learning how to use WhatsApp Business can therefore help you achieve your goals.

Since many people do not know it yet, we have prepared some important tips for you. Notice!


1. Download and install the application

First of all, you need to download the application on your Smartphone.

Different from what some people think, WhatsApp Business is not an extension of the common application, but a new version.

It is already available for Android and they recently released it for iPhone (iOS) users. You just have to go to your app store and search for the tool.


2. Create your account

After installing the application, it is time to launch it and create your business account.

As soon as you open the application, a message will appear about the Terms of Service and access to your contacts. You must click Accept and Continue to continue with the initial setup.

Once you have done this, WhatsApp Business will automatically detect your phone number.

If you don’t want to use it, click Use another number and add the business phone with the area code.

Remember that if this number is active on another device, that is, on a common account, you must enter the confirmation code that has been sent to you by SMS in the application.


3. Backup your conversations

By identifying that the number is already being used in a personal WhatsApp account, the application will present the suggested backup of the conversations.

If you’re interested in importing this data, simply click Restore chat history and wait for the files to download.

Then continue with the procedure.


4. Edit your business profile

It’s time to edit your business profile!


First, you must enter the name and category. You can also add a profile photo with your brand logo.

Then, you must go to the Settings tab, located at the bottom of the screen. Go to Company Settings and select the Profile option.

Click Edit and add the requested information, such as address, hours of operation, email, official website and a brief description.


5. Post a short link on your social networks

In the Company Settings tab, you can find the Link option. This is an interesting tool for your business, as it makes contact with your audience even easier.

Copy the shortened link and paste it on your social networks.

When the customer clicks on the link, they will be automatically redirected to the conversation screen with your company on WhatsApp. Quick and easy, right?


6. Set the absent message

In the same Company Settings tab, you can activate the absence message.

This feature allows your customers to receive a message when you are not in the application, which makes the contact more effective.

In this case, you can choose the time, the recipients and, of course, the message that will be forwarded.


7. Set the greeting message

The next step will be to configure the greeting message – the one sent at the beginning of the conversation.

You can define who will receive it and edit the message according to your creativity.

The advice is to be spontaneous without losing professionalism. After all, this is a business account.


8. Set up quick responses

Some questions are frequent among your clients and you don’t have to write the answers every time they arise.


WhatsApp Business allows you to edit quick responses to optimize your time and make the conversation more productive.

In this way, you will create a kind of shortcut for the text to be inserted automatically.

A good option would be a thank you message, which can be inserted via the shortcut / thank you.


All ready to use WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is the ideal tool for your business, right?

Investing in technology is a smart decision because it optimizes your time, your money and, of course, it provides a differentiated service to your customers.

Assertive communication is one of your best strategies to differentiate yourself from your competitors and you can achieve it with this instant messaging application.

So, don’t waste any more time and migrate to a business account right now.

In addition to WhatsApp Business, there are other ways to maintain good communication with your audience.

Do you want to continue learning techniques to sell more?

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