Monday , December 5 2022

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal

WhatsApp vs telegram vs signal

WhatsApp is the mobile application, which provides opportunity to the users to share videos, audio, and voice messages but restrict to save this data in the application. In the whole world approximately 2 billion users use this mobile application. WhatsApp has gotten very confused and it’s users are not happy with the new terms of privacy policy. WhatsApp has started a race to create new and alternative terms. Telegram and Signal applications are two of the worthiest contenders these days. So, the comparison of WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal will describe, which one is the best communication application for the users after WhatsApp privacy policy.

On the other hand, Telegram provides many features to its users to save pictures, videos, text messages, and document files in the application. The users of Telegram can easily share data up to 1.5 GB. Telegram consists of 400 million users while Signal has 10 till 20 million active users per month. So, we can say that What’s app has become most popular mobile application while these days users starting to use Telegram and Signal just like as in the race of million downloads.

WhatsApp vs telegram vs signal

Just because of a number of users it’s possible to say which one is the best mobile application that’s why here we provide complete detail between what’s app vs. Signal vs. Telegram.  This detail will help the users to make choice to choose the most convenient mobile application.


WhatsApp Security is one of the most preferable features in any mobile application. WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption. That’s why any data, which users share on the WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted in this application. Here it also noted that WhatsApp provides E32E encryption to its users, but the company of this application does not save data as backup. Now, the WhatsApp has linked with face book and company will keep record user’s data even their location. Face book will now track the user’s personal life things through the social media platform. This new privacy policy has little bit scary for the users. The reason of this scariness, the application will now share data with face book friends to create more understanding. So, now face book will monetize the users WhatsApp data.


Signal application is owned by the nonprofit Signal Foundation. Signal provides open-source Signal Protocol to implement E2E encryption service. It works just like WhatsApp security feature to encrypt user’s data but in WhatsApp; the company only encrypts the texts and calls. In Signal, this encryption moves to one step further for its user’s data security, also provides the metadata feature. Signal also provides pass code or biometric feature to lock your app. It also provides 2FA feature to block the screenshots facility in this application.


Telegram provides many features than the WhatsApp. It gives some protection features to its users. Telegram encrypts user’s messages and other data, which is not enabled by default. In the Telegram account, to use the E2E encryption, users can use its secret chat features. Telegram is not so best in the term of security because it provides boatload features. Through the boatload futures, we can easily make any group admin droll. Telegram provides group chat opportunity with up to 200,000 members.


So, now we can say that Signal app is one of the best applications than others in the security aspect. It is highly secure and private for its users. WhatsApp is best in the end-to-end encryption while Telegram not suitable in the aspect of security. Now with the new privacy policy rule, I think WhatsApp will become difficult to use anymore for its users.

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