Tuesday , September 28 2021

Wile-E Coyote Car Dent Vinyl Decals

Some people fix their car when it gets a dent. Others take a more creative approach to their problem-solving.
They just stick this Wile-E Coyote car dent vinyl decal on the car and call it a day.
This decal is not exactly there to hide the damage. It celebrates it in a hilarious and cheeky way.
The infamous Wile-E coyote silhouette goes right in the middle of the dent. Suddenly, your unfortunate mishap becomes the scene of mischief that has been making us all laugh for generations.

This decal can be a great conversation starter and it can showcase your devil may care personality.

Also, if you have kids or nephews and nieces, they will love this little addition to the side of the car. Not the dent, mind you, but the evidence of poor Wile-E Coyote restlessly chasing the elusive roadrunner.

You can order this decal in a standard size. However, you can negotiate to make it slightly bigger or smaller to fit your dent perfectly.

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