Sunday , October 24 2021

Willow Tree House Air BnB


Want to unplug, relax, and enjoy the beauty of a luscious forest? Go no further than the Willow Tree House Air BnB!
Located just outside of Woodstock, New York, this unique treehouse organically blends in with the peaceful landscape.
This house might not look like a treehouse you’ve had when you were a kid but the magic is still there. It looks almost as if it floats in the air due to its unique elevated construction.
The living space lets in tons of natural light with a huge window overlooking the swimmable pond being its crown jewel.

The interior masterfully combines minimalism, beauty and, most importantly for a getaway spot, coziness. With a soft couch, crackling fireplace and the view of the forest, you’ll quickly forget all your troubles.

Another treat worth mentioning is an outdoor Sweeding wood-burning bathtub located on the premises of the house. 

You can use it outdoors while enjoying the fresh air when the temperatures drop too low to swim in the pond.

Willow Tree House Air BnB


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